GeneRally 2 Sequel Returns

Vintage racing games have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, and GeneRally 2 is confirming the trend.

The long-awaited sequel to the original GeneRally, released in 2002, GeneRally 2 plans to take the classic racing game experience further.

GeneRally 2 Sequel Returns

Gene Rally, released in 2002 and adored by a passionate fan base, revolutionized the top-down racing genre. And now we’re getting an incredible sequel!

There are many new features that have set GeneRally from other racing games.

The appeal of the original was the simple ways of modding the base platform, as one-six players raced around pixelated circuits in single-seater vehicles.

Resources saved on the visuals were put into tyre wear, fuel usage, car damage and a native track editor.

Can I already get GeneRally 2?

Get ready to race! GeneRally 2, developed by Curious Chicken Games is now on Steam for PC and

available for you to add it straight away to your wishlist.

As expected, this is a driving title where you can race from the top view and also edit your own tracks.

There are 12 different surface types and 43 objects to start with, plus sharing capabilities over the internet.

GeneRally 2 Steam

Ready to race? Take on AI-controlled competitors, test your skills with a time trial, or challenge friends in couch multiplayer. For an even bigger thrill, jump online and race against players from around the world during the post launch phase!

This goes to show how much work hs been put by developers at Curious Chicken Games, to make sure GeneRally 2 lives up to the expectations of its passionate fanbase.

Their ultimate goal is to develop something that’s not just simple to play but also comes with an advanced level of physics – simulating friction, varied drivetrain layouts like front-wheel and all-wheel drives.

Although the official launch date remains unconfirmed, the dev team is eager to receive user feedback throughout the creation process with email surveys.


So there you have it, a complete look at the upcoming GeneRally 2. If you’re a fan of vintage racing games, this is one title that should definitely be on your list.

It looks like it will be a great experience, and one that you won’t want to miss!

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