Gran Turismo 7: Lap Time Challenge for Exciting Gr.1 Action

Gran Turismo 7: Lap Time Challenge for Exciting Gr.1 Action
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 9, 2023

The latest Lap Time Challenge in Gran Turismo 7 showcases the incredibly fast Gr.1 cars from Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. This week’s event, the Petit Le Mans, is one of the most prestigious races in the USA.

Key Concepts in this this article

  1. Gran Turismo 7 introduces a Lap Time Challenge with Gr.1 cars at Road Atlanta.
  2. The Audi VGT stands out among the lightning-fast cars featured in the game.
  3. GT7’s online rental system allows free test drives of high-value cars.
  4. Strategic driving is essential for success on the challenging Road Atlanta circuit.
  5. Prizes for the Lap Time Challenge range up to 2,000,000 Credits based on performance.

Road Atlanta Event Details

It will take place on Saturday, October 14th, at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. The Petit Le Mans is a 10-hour endurance race featuring sportscars from the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Get ready for an exciting and unforgettable race experience!

Polyphony Digital has organized an exciting Lap Time Challenge featuring the lightning-fast Gr.1 cars of GT7. These cars replicate the real-world LMDh prototypes used in the IMSA and FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season.

Road Atlanta Event Details

One of the standout cars is the fictional Audi VGT, which brings back memories of Ingolstadt’s successful sportscars throughout the years. Join the celebration and test your skills in this thrilling event!

GT7’s online rental system gives players the opportunity to test drive the game’s priciest cars, completely free of charge. Normally priced at 1,000,000 Credits in Brand Central, this feature is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Strategic Maneuvers on Road Atlanta Circuit

Turn 1 at Road Atlanta is a flat-out, fifth gear experience due to the immense downforce of the Gr.1 cars. As you approach the hill, shift to the left and brake while transitioning to fourth gear.

Utilize the kerbing on the right to maximize your entry and exit from The Esses, leading up to Turn 5.

Maintain fourth gear and swiftly transition to fifth, then back to fourth as you tackle the fast Turn 6.

Strategic Maneuvers on Road Atlanta Circuit

Prepare for Turn 7, the slowest corner on the circuit, by downshifting to second gear. Embrace the thrill of the track with these strategic maneuvers!

Maximizing your exit speed is crucial for a good performance on the super-long back straight. Sacrifice your entry to achieve this. For the Turn 10A-10B chicane, keep to the right of the circuit and use the left kerb to straighten your car for a better exit.

Be careful not to cut too much of the kerb and invalidate your lap time. After the challenging twists of Turn 10, Turns 11 and 12 can be easily taken flat in a VGT.

Focus on using minimal steering lock to maintain forward momentum and avoid tyre scrub.

Rules for Gran Turismo 7’s Lap Time Challenges

Looking for a challenge? Join GT7’s Lap Time Challenge, a thrilling time trial mode where you compete against other players to dominate the leaderboard.

Here’s the catch: set a lap time within 3% of the fastest to earn a whopping 2,000,000 Credits. Can’t catch up?

Rules for Gran Turismo 7’s Lap Time Challenges

No worries! Lapping within 5% still gets you a cool 1,000,000 Credits, while a time within 10% results in a 250,000 Credit payout. Get ready to race and win big!

Lap Time Challenge Details

Race Details

  • Circuit: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
  • Registration Period: 5th-19th October


  • Allowed Tyres: Racing: Medium, Intermediate, Wet
  • Category: Gr.1
  • Wide body: Not Allowed
  • Nitrous/Overtake: Not Allowed

Car Limitations

  • Bop/Tuning Prohibited: Mid-speed
  • Car Used: Garage Car, Event-Specified Car
  • *Car Settings: *Specified

Race Settings

  • Track Boundary: Normal

Penalty Settings

  • Shortcut Penalty: Time Invalidated
  • Wall Collision Penalty: Disabled

Lap Time Challenge Details

To Wrap Up

To conclude, Gran Turismo 7’s latest Lap Time Challenge brings enthusiasts the thrill of racing Gr.1 cars on the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

This high-stakes event offers handsome rewards for setting competitive lap times. GT7 players are encouraged to strategically maneuver the track and tap into the game’s online rental system to sample high-end cars.

With a focus on skill, strategy, and adrenaline, this challenge truly embodies the Gr.1 thrills that Gran Turismo 7 offers.

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