Here’s How to win The WTC 600 in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 11, 2023

Gran Turismo 7 presents a significant challenge in Menu Book 33, tasking players with securing a top-three finish in the World Touring Car 600 championship. 

This competition, with its open entry requirements, calls for a National A License and any car with a maximum of 600 PP from any country. 

Selecting the ideal car is your first hurdle. Then, you must navigate through three diverse GT7 circuits, each with varying difficulty levels. 

Choosing the Best Car for World Touring Car 600

Determining the best car for the World Touring Car 600 is a daunting task, given the extensive roster of over 400 cars in Gran Turismo 7. 

From our extensive testing of a select few from our garage, the BMW M3 ‘07 stood out as a top contender, which players would have acquired earlier in Menu Book 22. 

This car, known for its smooth handling despite its heft and power, suits all three championship circuits well.

Our BMW M3 was upgraded with Sports Suspension, Two-Way LSD, Fully Customizable Racing Transmission, Racing Brake Discs and Pads, a Racing Clutch and Flywheel, and a Wing. 

Additionally, we implemented Weight Reduction Stage 1, reducing its weight to 1,472 kg. For the first race at the Red Bull Ring, we opted for Racing: Heavy Wet tires and set the bhp to 437. 

For the remaining races, we switched to Sports: Medium tires and increased the bhp to 464. Even if the BMW M3 isn’t your choice, a similar tuning setup is advisable.

Tackling the Races: Strategy and Guides

Race 1 at Red Bull Ring: Wet Weather Strategy

The first race of the World Touring Car 600 at the Red Bull Ring is arguably the easiest, provided you avoid dry tires. 

Tackling the Races Strategy and Guides GT7

It seems the AI competitors might be using dry tires, as they are significantly easier to outrun here compared to the other races. 

The key to success in wet conditions is careful driving; avoid aggressive steering, braking, or accelerating, and brake well before approaching hairpins.

Race 2 at Suzuka Circuit: Mastering the Complex Track

Suzuka Circuit, the most challenging of the three, requires substantial skill, particularly in handling its long, fast curves. 

Race 2 at Suzuka Circuit Mastering the Complex Track GT7

Precision in steering and throttle control is essential for optimal cornering. A valuable tip is to cut across the tight chicane near the pit entrance, braking before the Yokohama sign and taking the left-hander at high speed.

Race 3 at Dragon Trail Seaside: Navigating the Tricky Turns

The Dragon Trail Seaside race, while slightly less daunting than Suzuka, poses its own set of challenges. 

Key moments include the sharp left-hander after the initial right turn (where hard braking is essential), and the deceptive section leading up to a hill. 

The chicanes along the seafront are particularly tricky; the first can be taken at almost full speed, but the second demands hard braking right after exiting the first chicane for an effective maneuver.

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