How To Add A Friend On iRacing

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
January 6, 2024

Expanding your social circle in any online platform enhances the overall experience, and iRacing, with its interactive community, makes no exception. 

Whether you’re navigating through the User Interface (UI) in the game or using the site, adding friends is a straightforward process. 

This guide will break down the steps to ensure you can connect with fellow racers efficiently and start enjoying collaborative or competitive racing together.

Step 1: Adding a Friend through the iRacing UI

Send a Friend Request iRacing

Access the Friend Tab

Begin by opening your iRacing UI. At the bottom right of the interface, you’ll find the friend tab. Click on this to open up your social options.

Search for Friends

Within the pop-up that appears, navigate to the bottom where you’ll find a search bar. Here, you can enter the name or customer ID of the friend you’re looking to add. This functionality allows for precise and quick searches of the iRacing community.

Send a Friend Request

Once you’ve located the person you want to connect with, click on their name. This action will prompt an option to send a friend request. Click to send an invitation to connect.

Step 2: Adding a Friend through the iRacing Website

Send Friend Request via Profile Popup iRacing

Navigate to Driver Lookup

Go to the site and locate the “Driver Lookup” bar on the main navigation. This feature is designed for you to find other drivers quickly.

Search and Select

Type in the name or ID of the driver you wish to add as a friend in the lookup bar. Hit the magnifying glass icon or enter to proceed with the search. Once the search results populate, locate the correct person.

Send Friend Request via Profile Popup

Hover over the helmet icon or name of the driver you want to add. A popup menu will appear with several options, including “Send Friend Request.” Click this to initiate the friend request process.

Confirmation and Friend Management

After sending the friend request, wait for the other driver to accept. You can monitor the status of your friend requests by hovering over the ‘Account’ tab and selecting ‘myRacers’ from the dropdown. Here, you can see incoming friend requests as well as any outgoing pending friend requests.

By following these detailed steps, you’ll be able to navigate both the iRacing UI and website to add friends effectively. 

Whether you’re in the heat of a race or browsing the site, connecting with other members of the iRacing community is made simple and accessible. 

Remember, racing is not just about the speed and the finish line; it’s also about the shared experiences and camaraderie developed along the way. 

So, take the time to build your network and enjoy the full social and competitive aspects of iRacing. 

By doing so, you can share strategies, compare performances, and, most importantly, enjoy the thrilling world of racing with friends.

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