How To Buy A House In Forza Horizon 5

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 19, 2023

Unlike the complexities of real-life home buying, acquiring houses in Forza Horizon 5 is a more straightforward and enjoyable process. 

The game features seven unique properties scattered across its expansive map, each offering its own set of perks and advantages.

Exploring the Seven HousesExploring the Seven Houses FH5

Casa Bella: The Starter Home

Casa Bella, located in Mulege, is the first house players encounter and is free for all players. This property is introduced early in the game’s storyline, guided by the character Ramiro.

La Casa Solariega: The Luxurious Mansion

La Casa Solariega The Luxurious Mansion FH5

La Casa Solariega, one of the more expensive houses, is situated near the Teotihuacán ruins. Players with the VIP Membership DLC can acquire this mansion for free. It becomes available after earning Casa Bella.

Lugar Tranquillo: The Coastal Retreat

Lugar Tranquillo The Coastal Retreat FH5

Available for free with the Welcome Pack DLC, Lugar Tranquillo is found in Playa Azul. This serene property is unlocked following the acquisition of Casa Bella.

Buena Esperanza: Deep in the Jungle

Buena Esperanza Deep in the Jungle FH5

Nestled near the Ek’ Balam ruins, Buena Esperanza is the fourth house, offering a unique jungle location and aesthetic.

La Cabaña: The Budget-Friendly Choice

La Cabaña The Budget-Friendly Choice FH5

As the most affordable house for purchase, La Cabaña is located on the west coast of the map, offering a cost-effective option for players.

Buenas Vistas: The Pricey West Coast Residence

Buenas Vistas The Pricey West Coast Residence FH5

Also situated on the west coast, Buenas Vistas commands a higher price, reflecting its desirable location and features.

Hotel Castillo: The Pinnacle of Luxury

Hotel Castillo The Pinnacle of Luxury FH5

Hotel Castillo, the most expensive property in Forza Horizon 5, is located north of Tierra Prospera. This property represents the ultimate in luxury and status within the game.

Purchasing Houses in the Game

The Simplicity of Buying

In Forza Horizon 5, purchasing a house is as simple as having enough credits. There’s no need for mortgages or financial proofs. However, accumulating sufficient credits can be a challenge and requires strategic gameplay.

House Prices and DLC Perks

Here’s a breakdown of the costs for each house:

  • Casa Bella: Free
  • La Cabaña: 150,000 credits
  • Lugar Tranquillo: 700,000 credits (Free with Welcome Pack DLC)
  • Buena Esperanza: 700,000 credits
  • La Casa Solariega: 1.5 million credits (Free with VIP Membership DLC)
  • Buenas Vistas: 2 million credits
  • Hotel Castillo: 5 million credits

Players with VIP Membership and Welcome Pack DLCs can significantly reduce the total cost of all properties from ten million to just under eight million credits, receiving two houses for free.

Finding and Buying Houses

To buy a house, players simply locate it on the map, drive to the location, and a cutscene will play. If the player has enough credits, they can purchase the house through an in-game menu. 

The game gradually reveals all houses as players progress through the story, eliminating the need to rush this aspect of gameplay.

Strategic Credit Earning and Spending

Earning Credits Through Gameplay

Players can accumulate credits by participating in races, completing challenges, and engaging in various activities throughout the game. Wise spending and strategic gameplay are key to affording the more expensive properties.

Benefits of House Ownership

Owning houses in Forza Horizon 5 offers more than just a place to call home. Each house comes with unique perks, such as special cars, Wheelspins, and other in-game bonuses, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Enhancing Your Forza Horizon 5 Experience

Making the Most of Your Properties

Each house in the game serves as more than just a residence; they act as hubs for different activities and offer distinct advantages. 

Players should consider the strategic location and benefits of each house when deciding which to purchase.

Exploring the Map for Real Estate

The game encourages exploration as players travel across the map to discover each property. This journey not only leads to potential home purchases but also reveals the diverse landscapes and challenges within the game.

Purchasing houses in Forza Horizon 5 adds an exciting dimension to the game, combining the thrill of racing with the satisfaction of acquiring and customizing properties. 

From the free starter home of Casa Bella to the luxurious Hotel Castillo, each house offers unique benefits and serves as a testament to a player’s progress and achievements in the game. 

As players navigate through the vibrant world of Forza Horizon 5, strategic gameplay, credit accumulation, and exploration are key to unlocking and enjoying these virtual homes.

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