How to Change Car Color in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 14, 2023

Gran Turismo 7 elevates the gaming experience with its exceptional customization options, allowing players to personalize various aspects of their cars.

This guide delves into the different ways you can modify your car’s appearance, focusing on changing its color and other parts through in-game features like GT Auto and the Livery Editor.

Personalizing Your Car in GT Auto

Personalizing Your Car in GT Auto GT7

Utilizing the Customize Cars Feature

One of the primary methods to change your car’s color in Gran Turismo 7 is through GT Auto. Here’s how you can use this feature:

  1. Accessing GT Auto: Visit GT Auto and navigate to the Customize Cars area within the pavilion.
  2. Exploring Customization Options: The main focus here will be on three key tabs: Paint Color, Other Parts, and Livery Editor.

Paint Color Options

  1. Range of Paints: The Paint Color tab offers a vast selection of paints, from manufacturer-specific colors to custom shades and finishes created by Polyphony Digital.
  2. Previewing Paints: Choose from three car models for color previews – the modern ’20 Toyota GR Supra RZ, the boxy ’91 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione, and the classic ’66 Volkswagen Beetle 1200.
  3. Purchasing Paints: Each paint chip must be bought individually, and they can be used in the Livery Editor. Prices vary based on the category of the paint.

Livery Editor: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Livery Editor Bringing Your Vision to Life

Crafting a Unique Look for Your Car

After purchasing your chosen paint, use the Livery Editor for further customization:

  1. Previewing Your Car: Freely rotate the camera to view your car from all angles and adjust the background for different lighting conditions.
  2. Painting Your Car and Wheels: Choose between painting the car body or wheels. Custom colors can be created using the Color Palette and HSV values, or select from purchased paint chips.
  3. Detailed Customization: Paint individual parts of your car, like the body, side mirrors, rear wing, and others. Note that Carbon paints cannot be used on individual parts.
  4. Adding Decals and Race Options: The Decals menu allows for up to 300 layers of decals, while Race Options include race numbers, windshield banners, and more.
  5. Editor Options for Enhanced Visualization: Adjust lighting settings to see your car in different environments.

Saving and Applying Your Design

Paint Color Options GT7

Once you are satisfied with your design, save it and exit the Livery Editor. Your custom paint job is now ready to showcase on the track.

Downloading Styles From the Showcase Pavilion

For those who prefer pre-designed styles:

  1. Accessing the Showcase Pavilion: Here, you can download community-created liveries or ‘Styles’ for your car.
  2. Filtering and Selecting Styles: Search for liveries based on specific criteria like car make or model.
  3. Applying Downloaded Styles: Load the chosen Style from the My Items section in GT Auto and apply it to your car.

Customizing Lightbulbs and Brake Calipers

Gran Turismo 7 also offers options to change lightbulb and brake caliper colors:

  1. Modifying Headlights: Choose from different color options for headlights, each costing 150 credits.
  2. Personalizing Brake Calipers: Free color changes for brake calipers are available, provided you have the appropriate brake kits installed.

Gran Turismo 7’s extensive customization options provide players with the tools to create truly unique and personalized vehicles.

From selecting the perfect paint to adding decals and customizing lightbulbs, the game offers a myriad of ways to express your style on the racetrack.

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