Here’ How To Change Fuel Map in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 11, 2023

Endurance races in Gran Turismo 7 rank among the most formidable challenges a player can face.

These races aren’t just about speed and precision; they demand a keen understanding of strategy, particularly in managing your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Excelling in these events requires more than just driving skills; it necessitates a mindful approach to resource management.

Strategies for Efficient Fuel UseAdjusting the Fuel Map GT7

The Key to Fuel Efficiency: Adjusting the Fuel Map

One of the most effective tactics for conserving fuel in Gran Turismo 7 is to modify your car’s fuel map settings during a race. 

This guide aims to provide comprehensive information on how to effectively adjust the fuel map, ensuring your success in the game’s endurance events.

Understanding Fuel Consumption in GT7 Events

In most GT7 events, fuel consumption doesn’t pose a significant concern. However, in endurance races, the ability to alter the rate of fuel consumption becomes crucial. 

For those eager to experiment with this feature early in the game, setting up a custom race with fuel consumption enabled is a viable option.

Setting Up Custom Races with Fuel Consumption

To organize a custom event, you’ll need to navigate the GT World Map using the d-pad or left analogue stick, heading to World Circuits. 

After pressing Cross to select a circuit, proceed to the Custom Race option. Prior to launching the event, it’s important to visit the Custom Settings tab.

Here, you’ll find the Fuel Consumption Rate option. By adjusting a slider, you can set the rate of fuel consumption. 

By default, it’s set to 1X, but moving the slider right increases fuel consumption, while sliding it all the way left turns off fuel consumption entirely.

Adjusting the Fuel Map in Gran Turismo 7

Understanding Fuel Consumption in GT7 Events

Preparing Your Car Fuel map Setup

Before you can tweak the fuel map, it’s essential to purchase and install a Fully Customizable Computer. 

This crucial tuning part is available at the Tuning Shop for 4,500 credits and grants enhanced control over your engine’s performance.

Adjusting the Fuel Map During a Race

During the race, cycle through the multi-function displays by pressing right on the d-pad until you locate the fuel settings.

The fuel map can be adjusted from 1-5 by pressing up and down on the d-pad. Typically, the Fuel Map is set to Power (1) by default. 

Opting for higher numbers will decrease engine output but improve fuel efficiency.

After setting the fuel map, the MFD (Multi-Function Display) will provide an estimate of the number of laps you can complete on the selected fuel setting. 

This comprehensive approach to fuel management in Gran Turismo 7 not only enhances your racing strategy but also adds an extra layer of realism and challenge to the game.

By mastering these techniques, players can significantly improve their performance in endurance races, striking the perfect balance between speed and efficiency.

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