How To Download Liveries in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 11, 2023

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Gran Turismo 7: A World of Customization

Gran Turismo 7 A World of Customization

Gran Turismo 7, a pinnacle of racing games, offers an extensive array of customization options.

Among these, one of the most exciting features is the ability to apply community-made liveries and paint schemes to your cars. This guide will explore how you can discover, edit, and adorn your car collection with these unique designs.

Discovering Community-Made Liveries

In-Game Exploration

In Gran Turismo 7, players have the opportunity to delve into a world of creativity through Justin’s decal guide, showcasing the myriad of customization options available.

For those who prefer not to start from scratch, there’s a treasure trove of pre-made, community-created designs waiting to be discovered. Accessing these designs, however, can be a bit of a maze, involving navigating through various sub-menus to find the right options.

Searching for Liveries In-Game

To start your journey, head to the ‘World Map’ or the main home page.

Here, you will find the ‘Showcase’ building, marked with a magnifying glass, which becomes accessible after initiating the first Café Menu Book.

This section not only allows you to view your saved or shared content like liveries, photos, or replays but also offers a search function to explore creations shared by other GT players.

When you select ‘Content Search’, you can narrow down your exploration by choosing ‘Styles’ from a drop-down menu.

Whether you are looking for a specific car make and model or styles for your current ride, the search options are versatile. For example, searching for the term ‘Traxion’ would bring up all related styles for different cars.

Wide Body Considerations

It’s crucial to be aware that some liveries are designed specifically for “wide body” cars.

These can only be applied to vehicles with the wider modification, available for purchase in the GT Auto section under Maintenance and Service.

Downloading and Applying Liveries

Downloading and Applying Liveries GT7

The Download Process

Once you’ve found a livery that catches your eye, you can download it to your game. This is done by selecting the livery and clicking on the ‘collection’ button, marked with a paper clip.

While this adds the livery to your library, it does not automatically apply it to your car, a process we will explore further.

Applying a Downloaded Livery

To apply a downloaded livery, first, select the car you wish to customize.

Then, head to the GT Auto building on the World Map, available after completing Café Menu Book No.7 – Collection: European Hot Hatches. Navigate to the ‘Car Customisation’ page and select ‘Load Style’.

Here, you can view and apply any styles or liveries, whether created by you or downloaded from the community.

Applying a Downloaded Livery GT7

Editing Community-Created Designs

The Editing Process

Gran Turismo 7 also allows you to edit some community-created designs.

After downloading a livery, you can modify it unless it has a ‘Cannot be Edited’ warning. To edit, add the livery to your collection, apply it through GT Auto, and then head to the Livery Editor.

Here, you can tweak and personalize the design. However, it’s important to note that you cannot re-share an edited livery with the community.

Accessing Liveries via the Gran Turismo Website

Exploring the Online Community

For those who prefer not to use their PlayStation for searching, the Gran Turismo 7 community website is a valuable resource.

Here, you can log in with your Sony Entertainment Network details and explore the same range of styles and liveries available in-game.

The website is accessible via desktop and mobile, offering a convenient way to browse and download designs to your game.

The Art of Personalization in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7’s community has created an astonishing array of liveries and paint schemes, with new designs being added daily.

Whether you’re exploring in-game or through the website, there’s a wealth of creativity at your fingertips, ready to be applied to your favorite vehicles.

The process of searching, downloading, and applying these designs enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to personalize their cars to their liking and stand out on the track. 

This expanded version maintains the core information while elaborating on the processes, options, and possibilities available to players in Gran Turismo 7.

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