How to Install Car & Track Mods in Assetto Corsa

If you’re an Assetto Corsa driver looking to expand your experience beyond the limits of what Kunos has put together, you’re going to need to get some other mods.

Mods can range from additional cars and tracks to new liveries and full career modes.

The options are almost limitless, but how do you go about installing them?

assetto car mods how to install
assetto car mods how to install

There are a few different ways to install mods, but the most popular is through the use of a mod manager, also known as content manager.

A content manager is a special program that helps you install, uninstall and manage your mods.

There are a few different managers available including the Race sim studio CM though the most popular and widely used is the official Assetto Corsa content manager.

How do I dowload the content manager?

You can download the official AC content manager here.

Once you have installed it, it should appear in your start menu under ‘AC’.

How much does the AC content manager cost?

The Assetto Corsa content manager is actually free and that’s such a great thing for all of us sim racers.

Though you can optionally decide to donate with Paypal to the AC CM developers for providing such an immense value to the community.

Are Assetto Corsa mods free?

Most AC mods are also free, but a few do have a price tag to them.

Some mod makers have made their content free as they want their work shared and appreciated by the community and that’s what’s amazing from the sim racing community.

So before you go ahead and spend your hard earned cash on a mod, make sure that it isn’t going to cost you anything extra.

How do I add mods to Assetto Corsa?

As previously mentioned, you can add modds by using the Assetto Corsa content manager.

Once you have installed the content manager and opened it, you will see a list of mods on the left hand side in the ‘mods’ tab.

To install a mod, simply click on the mod and then click on the ‘install’ button that appears on the right.

You’ll then see a dialog box telling you that the mod is being installed.

Once it’s finished, the mod will appear in the ‘mods’ tab and you can start racing!

Where is the mods folder on Assetto Corsa?

The folder you’re looking for is called “content.”

The majority of mods will include instructions on where to install the files, but they can generally be placed in the “content” folder’s folders such as “cars,” “skins,” and “tracks.”

From there on it should be pretty straightforward finding that folder.

Are assetto mods safe?

The AC mods are safe unless you download from not so reputatable sites.

Always make sure the website your downloading them from is trustworthy and doesn’t look spammy.

Mods can be a great way to further enhance your Assetto Corsa experience, but always take care when downloading files from the internet.

If you’re not sure about a mod, it’s always best to ask in the reddit community.

They’ll surely be happy to help you out.

Wrap up:

Installing mods for Assetto Corsa can be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

There are lots of options for beefing up your AC experience and we hope this guide has helped clarify things a little!

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to reach out!

As always, happy racing!

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