How To Get Super Wheelspins In Forza Horizon 5

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 19, 2023

As Forza Horizon 5 evolves with each major content update, the array of available cars expands, enticing players to unlock their dream vehicles. 

Given the vast number of cars and their varying costs, players need a blend of dedication, strategy, and sometimes a bit of luck.

Key Methods to Unlock Vehicles

Purchasing with Credits and Completing Tasks

The primary method of acquiring cars involves using in-game credits or completing specific tasks. 

This approach requires players to engage actively in various races, events, and challenges to accumulate the necessary credits.

The Role of Luck: Loot Boxes and Super Wheelspins

The Role of Luck: Loot Boxes and Super Wheelspins

Forza Horizon 5 introduces an element of chance through loot boxes. Super Wheelspins, a notable feature in the game, offer players the opportunity to win rare vehicles and other valuable rewards.

Maximizing Super Wheelspins

Earning Rare Rewards with Super Wheelspins

Earning Rare Rewards with Super Wheelspins

Super Wheelspins distinguish themselves by providing rarer rewards than standard Wheelspins. 

Progressing through the game’s story and challenges naturally leads to accumulating standard Wheelspins, but focusing on Super Wheelspins can significantly enhance a player’s car collection.

How to Acquire More Super Wheelspins

How to Acquire More Super Wheelspins

Unlocking Through Property Ownership

One effective way to gain Super Wheelspins is by purchasing houses in the game. Players who pre-ordered Forza Horizon 5 may have tokens for a free house. 

Those who didn’t pre-order can unlock this ability by activating regions near the Horizon Festival Headquarters. 

Certain houses offer more Super Wheelspins as a bonus, with high-end properties like La Casa Solariega providing up to five Super Wheelspins.

Farming Skill Points

Another method involves farming skill points. Using vehicles equipped with a seven-times skill multiplier boost can expedite this process. 

These skill points can then be used to purchase vehicles that offer Super Wheelspins as unlockables.

Additional Strategies for Super Wheelspins

Purchasing from the Forzathon Shop

Purchasing from the Forzathon Shop

Super Wheelspins are available for purchase in the Forzathon shop using Forzathon points, which can be accumulated by completing Forzathon challenges. 

Regular visits to the shop and participation in challenges can yield a steady supply of points.

Completing Season Challenges

Seasonal challenges under the Season tab often reward players with Wheelspins. Completing these challenges is another viable way to earn additional Wheelspins and potentially unlock new vehicles.

Advanced Strategies for Vehicle Acquisition

Advanced Strategies for Vehicle Acquisition

Utilizing Auctions and Trades

The Auction House in Forza Horizon 5 is a bustling marketplace where players can bid on rare vehicles or sell their own. Understanding market trends and timing can be crucial for successful trades.

Participating in Online Events

Online events and multiplayer challenges frequently offer unique rewards, including exclusive cars and bonus Wheelspins. Engaging with the online community can open doors to rare vehicles and lucrative opportunities.

Exploring the Open World

Forza Horizon 5’s expansive open world is filled with hidden treasures, including Barn Finds which often contain rare and unique vehicles. Exploring off the beaten path can lead to exciting discoveries.

Customizing and Upgrading Cars

Investing in upgrades and customizations not only enhances a car’s performance but can also increase its value. This approach can be particularly beneficial when trading or selling vehicles in the Auction House.

Building a Diverse Garage

Having a wide range of vehicles caters to different event types and challenges. Diversifying your garage ensures you’re always equipped for any race or task, maximizing your chances of success and rewards.

Keeping Up with Game Updates

Staying informed about game updates, new content releases, and special events is crucial. New updates often introduce new vehicles, challenges, and ways to earn Wheelspins or credits.

In Forza Horizon 5, building an impressive car collection is a journey that combines skill, strategy, and sometimes a stroke of luck. 

From purchasing houses to earn Super Wheelspins, completing seasonal challenges, engaging in the Auction House, and exploring the game’s vast world, there are numerous ways to unlock and acquire your dream cars. 

Balancing these methods with regular participation in races and events will help you steadily grow your garage and enjoy the diverse experiences that Forza Horizon 5 has to offer.

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