How To Make a Drift Car In Forza Horizon 5

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 19, 2023

Drifting, a highly skilled maneuver in Forza Horizon 5, is not just visually impressive but also a practical technique for navigating the game’s twisty courses. Mastering drifting can significantly enhance your control and performance in races.

Learning the Basics of Drifting

how to make a drift car in forza horizon 5

Starting with the Fundamentals

The key to successful drifting lies in understanding how each action affects the car’s behavior. Beginners should start with simple exercises, like using the handbrake to make controlled turns around traffic cones. This practice helps in grasping the basics of speed management and turn timing.

Progressing to Real Corners

After mastering 180-degree turns, the next step is to apply these skills to actual corners on the track. The objective is to maintain a safe distance from the corner and exit the turn aligned with the next direction.

Counter-Steering Technique

Effective drifting involves counter-steering, where the driver steers away from the initial direction. 


When executed correctly, counter-steering maintains the car’s trajectory, aligning it for subsequent turns.

Advancing Your Drifting Skills

Advancing Your Drifting Skills FH5

Tackling Consecutive Corners

Gradually progress to taking a second corner after the first. This phase can be challenging as the car’s alignment from the first corner affects the entry into the second. 

Isolating and practicing the second corner separately can aid in understanding the ideal car positioning.

Refining Control with Gas, Throttle, and Brake

Much of the steering in drifting comes from managing the gas, throttle, and brake. Experimenting with various speeds, gears, and braking methods is crucial to find the right balance for each car.

Handbrake-Free Drifting

Once comfortable with handbrake-assisted drifting, try initiating drifts without it. This advanced technique relies on the vehicle’s weight distribution, requiring precise control and a deeper understanding of the car’s dynamics.

Optimal Settings for Drifting

Adjusting game settings can greatly enhance the drifting experience:

  • Braking: Anti-lock Off
  • Steering: Standard (then progress to Simulation for a more realistic feel)
  • Traction Control: Off
  • Stability Control: Off
  • Shifting: Manual + Clutch

Selecting the Right Drift Car

Beginner-Friendly Drift Cars


Starting with a less sensitive car like the Mazda Miata is advisable for beginners. Gradually moving to more advanced cars helps acclimate to different drifting styles.

Recommended Cars for Novice Drifters

  • Hoonigan Twerkstallion
  • Toyota Supra RZ 1998
  • Nissan Silvia
  • 1995 Formula Drift #34 Toyota Supra MKIV
  • Mazda Miata


Drifting in Forza Horizon 5 is a skill that enhances both the aesthetic and practical aspects of racing. 


Starting with basic maneuvers and gradually advancing to more complex techniques is key to mastering this art. 


By choosing the right cars and settings, players can develop their drifting skills and experience a more thrilling and controlled racing experience. 


As players progress, they’ll find that mastering drifting not only improves their performance in races but also adds an exhilarating layer to their gameplay in the diverse landscapes of Forza Horizon 5.


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