How To Make Money in Forza Horizon 5

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 19, 2023

In Forza Horizon 5, a game celebrated as one of the best on Xbox One, credits act as the primary currency, fueling your virtual lifestyle. 

They are essential for acquiring a range of items from the expansive collection of over 700 cars to houses, tunes, and even clothing. Accumulating this in-game wealth, however, requires strategy and insight.

Strategic Early Game Spending

Strategic Early Game Spending

Starting Off Strong

At the game’s onset, you’re equipped with three capable vehicles, and the game continues to reward you with more through wheelspins and story events. 

For those who own the Welcome Pack DLC, a selection of high-class vehicles becomes available almost immediately.

Smart Spending

In the early stages, it’s advisable to avoid splurging on mid-priced, average-performance cars. Instead, investing in community-made tunes can significantly enhance your vehicle’s competitiveness, offering a better return on your investment.

Earning and Utilizing Skill Points

Accumulating Skill Points

Skill points in Forza Horizon 5 are earned through engaging in dynamic actions like high-speed driving, drifting, and offroad destruction. 

These points can be effortlessly earned, especially by chaining jumps and destruction offroad.

Spending Skill Points Wisely

Navigate to the car mastery menu to spend these points. Each car’s mastery layout offers different rewards, including credits and wheelspins. 

Skillfully investing these points can turn simple in-game actions into profitable ventures.

Efficient Use of Skill Points

Remember, skill points earned for a specific vehicle can be reused for the same model if it’s sold or gifted and then repurchased. 

In the quest for high payouts, cars like the Willys Jeep, which can be found at barns for free, are popular choices for investing skill points.

Mastering the Goliath Race for Credits

Mastering the Goliath Race for Credits

The Challenge of the Goliath

The Goliath is a notable race in Forza Horizon 5 due to its length and potential for earning credits. 

Completing this 34-mile race efficiently requires a well-tuned vehicle, preferably in the S2 or X-category.

Balancing Difficulty for Maximum Earnings

Adjusting assists and AI difficulty can increase the credit multiplier, but it’s crucial to find a balance. Setting the difficulty too high might result in lower placements and reduced earnings.

Dual Revenue Streams

A successful Goliath race can yield significant earnings from both prize money and XP. XP is invaluable as it unlocks wheelspins, which are another source of credits.

Seasonal Events and the Auction House

Seasonal Car Rewards

Each season in Forza Horizon 5 offers unique cars as rewards for completing events. Some of these cars are rare and can’t be purchased from the Autoshow, making them highly valuable in the used car market.

Auction House Strategy

Earning these seasonal cars and then auctioning them once the season changes can be a lucrative strategy. 

However, this approach presents a dilemma: do you prefer accumulating credits or keeping the rare cars you’ve worked hard to obtain?

Advanced Credit Earning Techniques

Leveraging Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins

Exploring Additional Races and Challenges

Besides the Goliath, other races and challenges in Forza Horizon 5 offer opportunities for credit earning. 

Participating in these events not only diversifies your gameplay experience but also opens up new avenues for wealth accumulation.

Auction House Dynamics

Understanding the auction house’s dynamics is crucial. Keeping an eye on market trends, demand for certain cars, and timing your auctions can significantly enhance your profit margins.

Leveraging Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins

Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins, earned through gameplay and leveling up, are essentially free lottery tickets with potential rewards including high-value cars, credits, and exclusive items. Maximizing these opportunities can significantly boost your credit balance.

Daily Challenges and Online Events

Engaging in daily challenges and participating in online events can offer quick and often substantial credit rewards. 

These activities not only enhance the game’s enjoyment but also contribute to your overall wealth in the game.

Long-Term Wealth Building

Daily Challenges and Online Events

Investing in High-Value Cars

Investing in cars that are likely to increase in value over time can pay off. Keeping track of which cars are becoming rare or sought-after can inform your buying and selling decisions in the auction house.

Creating and Selling Custom Tunes and Designs

For the creatively inclined, designing custom tunes and liveries can be a source of income. Well-designed and popular creations can earn you credits each time they are downloaded or used by other players.

Building a Diverse Car Collection

Having a diverse car collection not only enhances your gameplay experience but also prepares you for various events and challenges that may require specific types of vehicles. This strategy ensures you’re always ready to participate in profitable events.

Earning credits in Forza Horizon 5 requires a blend of strategic gameplay, market savvy, and making the most of the game’s features. 

From wisely investing in the early game to mastering races like the Goliath, participating in seasonal events, and navigating the auction house, there are numerous ways to build your fortune in this virtual world. 

Remember, the key to amassing wealth in Forza Horizon 5 lies in balancing your love for collecting cars with smart financial tactics and taking advantage of every opportunity the game offers.

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