How To Raise and Lower Cars PP in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 14, 2023

Key to mastering this game is understanding the concept of Performance Points (PP), which dictate a car’s speed and agility.

The higher the PP, the more responsive and faster the car. Conversely, lower PP indicates a slower, less agile vehicle. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to effectively raise and lower your car’s PP in Gran Turismo 7.

Raising Your Car’s PP

Raising Your Car's PP GT7

Step-by-Step Process to Increase Performance

  1. Visit the Tuning Shop: Located at the bottom of the overworld map, the Tuning Shop offers five tiers of parts: Sport, Club Sports, Semi-Racing, Racing, and Extreme. Your driver level determines the available tiers.
  2. Purchase Weight Reduction Upgrades: Sequential weight reduction from stages one to four significantly increases PP. However, the Extreme tab offers a new body to reset modifications to factory settings, which is costly.
  3. Upgrade Tires: Different tiers offer varying tire types. For example, soft racing tires can considerably boost PP, but they come with a price tag.
  4. Invest in Horsepower Enhancements: Look for upgrades under various tabs like Engine Balance Tuning or High Lift Cam Shaft. These can substantially increase your car’s horsepower.
  5. Consult Rupert for Upgrade Advice: Click on any part and select ‘Learn More’ for Rupert’s guidance on how each part functions and possible combinations for optimal performance.
  6. Experiment with Other Parts: Some parts may not significantly alter PP and can be equipped or unequipped pre-race. Fully Customizable Suspension, for instance, allows for height adjustments and finer suspension tuning.

Lowering Your Car’s PP

Lowering Your Car's PP GT7

Adjusting Performance for Specific Races

  1. Change Tires: Swapping to different tire types is an effective way to quickly lower PP to meet race requirements.
  2. Fine-Tune Settings: Minor adjustments like raising car height or removing certain upgrades can help achieve the desired PP level. Use a separate settings sheet to preserve your default configurations.
  3. Reset with New Body and Engine: As a last resort, purchasing a new body and engine resets PP to default, though this is an expensive option.

Strategic Upgrading

In Gran Turismo 7, not all races have PP limits, allowing freedom in car selection based on criteria like make, model, and tire type.

However, it’s crucial not to overspend on upgrading a single car. Diversifying your upgrades across various cars ensures you have a competitive vehicle for every racing scenario.

Gran Turismo 7’s dynamic PP system requires strategic thinking and careful upgrading. By understanding how to effectively raise and lower PP, players can tailor their vehicles to suit different races and conditions, enhancing their chances of success on the virtual track.

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