Here’s How To Save Your iRacing Replay: Easy Steps Guide

Here's How To Save Your iRacing Replay: Easy Steps Guide
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 25, 2023

If you’re an avid iRacing enthusiast, you know the thrill of a race well-done.

But what if you want to relive those moments again and again?

That’s where saving your iRacing replay comes in handy. Whether you want to review your performance, analyze your strategy, or simply enjoy the action from different angles, saving your replays is a must.

Here's How To Save Your iRacing Replay: Easy Steps Guide

But how exactly do you save an iRacing replay? It’s easier than you might think. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. While in the server, click on the “tool” button on the bottom menu bar.
  2. In the “Save Replay” screen, name your file or leave it as the generated one.
  3. Make sure to enable replay spooling in the options menu to save the entire replay from the time you enter to the time you save it.
  4. Check the box to ask to save the replay when you quit the server for added convenience.
  5. Saving the radio channels is recommended for a complete replay experience.
  6. If you’re low on disk space, consider taking a shorter slice of the replay.
  7. To cut a section of the replay, use the scissor button on the replay tool menu. Move the time bar or use fast-forwarding options to select the start and end points of the cut section.
  8. For artistic replay playback, explore the Replay Render Modes in the options menu, but keep in mind that it may put additional strain on your GPU and memory.
  9. Once the replay is saved, access it through the iRacing UI program. If it doesn’t appear in the folder, refresh the UI.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saving your iRacing replay allows you to review, analyze, and rewatch your race moments.
  • Click on the “tool” button on the bottom menu bar while in the server to save an iRacing replay.
  • Enable replay spooling to save the entire replay and check the option to save it when quitting the server.
  • Consider saving the radio channels for a complete replay experience.
  • If you’re low on disk space, take a shorter slice of the replay using the scissor button on the replay tool menu.
  • Explore the Replay Render Modes for artistic playback, but be aware of the impact on GPU and memory.
  • Access your saved replays through the iRacing UI program and refresh the UI if they don’t appear in the folder.

How to Access and Manage Saved Replays in iRacing

To access saved replays in iRacing, you need to navigate to the Replay section in the iRacing UI. Once you’re in the Replay section, you will find a list of all your saved replays, provided that the respective track and cars are installed on your system.

The availability of the replay content depends on the settings you chose during the saving process. It’s important to ensure that your settings are correct, including having all necessary cars turned on for proper replay playback.

If you want to improve your replay viewing experience, you can hit the spacebar to remove the UI and focus solely on the replay itself, allowing for a more immersive experience.

If you need to move your replays in and out of the iRacing replay folder, you can do so as needed. However, please note that if a replay doesn’t appear in the UI after being put back in the folder, you may need to refresh the UI to see it.

In addition to accessing locally saved replays, you also have the option to download replays from the iRacing website, expanding your collection and allowing you to watch and study the replays of other iRacing enthusiasts.

Camera Tools in iRacing: Enhancing Your Replays

Camera Tools in iRacing: Enhancing Your Replays

The iRacing simulator offers a powerful camera tool that allows you to take your replays to the next level. With the iRacing replay camera tool, you have complete control over the camera’s position, aim, lens settings, and more.

To access the camera tool while in replay mode, simply press Ctrl-F12. Press escape when you’re finished to exit the tool. Once in the camera tool, you’ll find four primary components that you can adjust to create the perfect camera angles for your replays.

First, you can position the camera in various ways, such as fixed placement, blimp mode, chopper mode, chase mode, or on-car mode. Next, you can choose between static aiming, aiming at the focus car, or aiming at a group of cars. The lens settings allow you to set a fixed field of view (FOV) or zoom in based on the percentage of the focus car visible on the display.

The camera tool also offers camera groups and shot selection, enabling you to capture multiple perspectives and angles. Additionally, you can adjust settings like driver height, shift horizon, and roll and pitch chassis to further customize the camera view. The camera tool provides key mappings and features like mouse aim mode and director mode for added convenience and control.

Furthermore, you have the ability to save and load camera settings for specific tracks and cars, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your replay creation process. With the iRacing replay camera tool, you can unleash your creativity and create stunningly dynamic and visually appealing replays that truly showcase your racing skills.

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