How to Shift Gears in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 11, 2023

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Introduction to Gran Turismo 7

The game, renowned for its realistic driving simulation, has undergone numerous enhancements that make the gameplay experience more immersive than ever. 

One of the key improvements in GT7 is its advanced physics engine, which significantly enhances the driving experience. 

This improvement makes the act of driving in Gran Turismo feel more authentic and responsive, providing players with a deeply satisfying gaming experience.

Transitioning from Automatic to Manual Transmission

Starting with Automatic Gears

Transitioning from Automatic to Manual Transmission GT7

For newcomers to the Gran Turismo series, it’s advisable to begin their journey with automatic gears. GT7, being potentially their first exposure to this franchise, can be more approachable with this setting. 

Automatic transmission simplifies driving by eliminating the need to manually shift gears, allowing players to focus on other aspects of racing, such as steering and braking. 

This feature makes the cars in GT7 more user-friendly, particularly for those who are still getting accustomed to the game’s mechanics and tracks.

Advancing to Manual Gears

As players become more acquainted with GT7 and develop their racing skills, they may feel the urge to switch to manual gears for a more engaging experience. 

Transitioning to manual transmission involves a few steps in the game settings. First, players need to navigate to the settings menu before starting an event. 

This can be done using the d-pad or left analogue stick and selecting ‘Settings’ followed by pressing the Cross button.

In the settings, one must navigate to the ‘Assist Settings’ section. Here, the first option available is ‘Gears’. By selecting this option, players can change their gear settings from Automatic to Manual. 

Once the changes are made, pressing the Circle button will save the settings and return the player to the main menu, ready to start an event with manual gears.

Mastering Manual Gear Shifting in GT7

Mastering Manual Gear Shifting in GT7

Gear Shifting with a Controller

For players using a standard gaming controller, shifting gears in manual mode is straightforward. To shift up a gear, the Cross button is used, while the Square button is utilized to shift down. 

This simple control scheme makes it easy for players to manage their gears during races. Additionally, players have the option to remap these controls in the controller settings for a more personalized setup.

Gear Shifting with a Wheel

For those who prefer a more realistic racing experience, using a steering wheel with GT7 is an excellent choice. When using a wheel, gears can be changed using either the paddle shifters or a separate gear shifter, depending on the wheel’s design. 

This setup provides a more authentic and immersive racing experience, closely mimicking real-life driving.

Understanding the Head-Up Display (HUD)

An important aspect of shifting gears in GT7 is understanding the head-up display (HUD). On the HUD, the currently selected gear is displayed at the bottom. Next to it, in red, is an indicator of the optimal gear the player should be in. 

As a general guideline, players should shift up a gear as the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) approach the redline, which indicates the maximum engine speed. Conversely, shifting down gears while braking can aid in decelerating the car more effectively.

The Benefits of Manual Gears

Switching to manual gears can be challenging for those accustomed to automatic transmission, but the effort is rewarding. Manual gears offer greater control over the car, allowing players to better manage acceleration and deceleration, especially on challenging tracks. 

This control can lead to improved lap times and a more engaging racing experience. Players are encouraged to practice with manual gears to fully appreciate the depth and realism that GT7 offers.

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