How To Unlock Cars in Gran Turismo 7

How To Unlock Cars in Gran Turismo 7
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
June 7, 2022

Have you been dreaming about racing that specif car in Gran Turismo 7 but had no idea of how to unlock it?

Every beginner goes through that question and that’s why we’ve taken the time to share with you the step by step process to accomplish that.

As you can image, having the freedom to unlock any car you want can get quite addicting.

How To Unlock Cars in Gran Turismo 7

First, you must understand that there are different ways to unlock cars in GT7. The most common method is by purchasing them with credits, which is the in-game currency.

Additionally you can also unlock some cars as rewards for completing certain challenges or missions.

With more than 420 cars available in the game, it becomes crucial to understand the procedure of unlocking and using them.

How can you unlock cars in Gran Turismo 7?

Currently there are 5 different ways to unlock cars in GT7:

  • Purchasing Cars With Credits
  • Purchasing credits with microtransactions
  • The Used Car Dealership
  • Winning Cafe Mission Rewards
  • Roulette Tickets
  • Brand Central dealership

Let’s now have a look in more detail into each of these methods:

Purchasing Cars With Credits

The most common and straightforward way to unlock cars is by using your GT7 credits.

You can use credits that you have earned in the game through race wins and missions accomplished.

Purchasing credits with microtransactions

If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait to earn credits, you can purchase them with real money through the PlayStation Store.

You’ll be able to buy credits packages for a few dollars and use them immediately to purchase the cars you want.

The Used Car Dealership

In the Used Car Dealership, you can buy affordable cars that will cost around 25k – 40k credits each.

For that reason it’s usually quite convenient for players that have just started the game and don’t have a lot of credits yet.

Winning Cafe Mission Rewards

Some missions in the GT7 Café menu will offer you the chance to win a car as a reward upon completion.

That’s quite convenient despite having some mission that are pretty difficult to complete.

Roulette Tickets

You can obtain Roulette Tickets as a reward for special missions accomplished or by purchasing them in the PlayStation Store.

With these tickets, you’ll be able to spin a wheel with different prizes and the highest prize is usually a race car.

Brand Central dealership

In Brand Central you will find some of the rarest and most expensive race cars in Gran Turismo 7.

Those cars will usually have a price of 1,000,000 credits and beyond therefore tey’ll require lots of patience and dedication to unlock.

Can you unlock all cars in GT7?

In order to unlock all cars in GT7 you’ll have to complete successfully all the 39 tasks of the menu book.

Can you unlock all cars in GT7?

That will naturally take lots of time and hard work but you’re sure to be rewarded with lots of fun and some of the most impressive cars in the game.

How do you unlock Brand Central GT7?

To unlock Bran Central in GT7 you’ll have to complete the GT Café N°4 which is the very famous “High Speed Ring Track Day championship”.

How do you unlock Brand Central GT7?

That may not happen in the first attempt given its fairly callenging task, though it’s definitely doable with enough practice.


We hope that this article has helped you understand better how to unlock the best cars in Gran Turismo 7.

Rememember that there are multiple ways to achieve that and the most important aspect is to have fun while playing the game.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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