How to Unlock Everything in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 11, 2023

Gran Turismo 7, whether it’s your first foray into the series or a continuation of your racing journey, presents a unique experience distinct from its predecessors.

Starting Your Journey in GT7

Starting Your Journey in GT7

The Beginning: Limited Options

As a newcomer to GT7, you’ll find your options initially quite restricted. The game starts with a Music Rally, after which you’ll have access to only a Used Car Dealer on the central World Map. 

This minimalist beginning is intentional, guiding you through a linear single-player mode that slowly opens up more features, functions, and even tracks.

Progressing Through the Game

The game’s progression is designed to gradually introduce you to the various aspects of GT7. This slow unveiling leads to a common query among new players about unlocking specific tracks or map icons. To aid in this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide.

Understanding the World Map

The World Map is the heart of your GT7 experience, acting as the gateway to all the game’s features. Initially, it appears sparse, but it expands as you progress. 

Understanding the World Map GT7

Your first point of interaction will be with the Used Car icon, where the in-game guide “Sarah” directs you to choose from three cars: Honda Fit, Mazda Demio, or Toyota Aqua. This purchase is your key to unlocking the Garage and the GT Cafe.

The Role of GT Cafe

GT Cafe becomes central to your game progression. Here, the Cafe owner, “Luca,” presents you with “Menu Books,” each containing various challenges. 

These tasks range from car collection to participating in race championships, even extending to simple actions like washing your vehicle. Completing these tasks unlocks new areas of the World Map.

Unlocking Map Icons and Circuits

Key Map Icons and Their Unlock Criteria

  • Brand Central: Unlocked by completing Menu Book 4 at GT Cafe.
  • Garage and Used Cars: Available from the start.
  • GT Auto and Scapes: Accessible after Menu Book 7.
  • Legends Cars and Licence Center: Open up with Menu Book 17 and 1, respectively.
  • Multiplayer and Sport Mode: Both become available post Menu Book 9.
  • Showcase: Unlocks with the start of Menu Book 1.
  • Tuning Shop: Available after completing Menu Book 3.

Circuit Access

Initially, only three of the 34 circuit locations are accessible, depending on your starter car choice. For instance, Autodrome Lago Maggiore, BB Raceway, and Northern Isle Speedway are the first to unlock. 

As you progress through the GT Cafe’s Menu Books, more circuits become available, with the more challenging and famous tracks unlocking later. 

For example, Nurburgring requires completing Book 21, Spa is in Book 30, and the 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit unlocks with Book 38.

Advanced Features

Tuning Shop and Missions GT7

Tuning Shop and Missions

The Tuning Shop, a vital feature for enhancing your cars’ performance, unlocks with Menu Book 3. Your access to different tiers within the shop is governed by your Collector Level, which reflects the value of the cars in your garage.

Missions offer unique challenges and unlock progressively, not through Menu Books but based on your Collector Level. 

The final set of Missions requires a substantial car collection, emphasizing the importance of building and expanding your garage.

Driving Gear Customization

Customizing your avatar with racewear items returns in GT7, with GT Auto allowing you to edit your suit’s design. 

Acquisition of these items is linked to your Collector Level, underscoring the game’s emphasis on collection and progression.

Mastering Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 offers a rich, layered experience, with progression at its core. Starting with limited options, players gradually unlock new features, tracks, and customization options, making each advancement feel like a significant achievement. 

This guide serves as a roadmap for new players, helping them navigate the intricate world of GT7 and fully enjoy the immersive racing experience it offers. 

This expanded version provides a more detailed guide to Gran Turismo 7, emphasizing the game’s progression system, the importance of the GT Cafe, unlocking map icons and circuits, as well as other advanced features of the game.

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