What’s New For The iRacing 2023 Season 1

What's New For The iRacing 2023 Season 1
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 16, 2022

Have you been wondering what will be new for the iRacing 2023 Season 1?

Well, the wait is over and we have some exciting updates for you.

Get ready for an exciting 12 weeks ahead! The latest content drop has brought with it a ton of official races and series that are sure to keep you entertained.

The all-new iRacing schedule that commenced on December 13th boasts some of the most prestigious content around, from Mercedes-AMG W13 and Circuit de Magny Cours to Lincoln Speedway’s cutting edge dirt track.

Now, you can be a part of these official races and experience this great content firsthand!

What new cars are included in iRacing 2023 season 1?

The new cars appearing in iRacing 2023 season 1 include the Mercedes-AMG W13, the BMW M Hybrid V8 and the Toyota GR86.

These cars are sure to provide some of the best racing action for the upcoming 12 weeks.

Mercedes-AMG W13 Schedule

iRacing Mercedes W13

Make sure you buckle up for Season 1 of the Mercedes-AMG W13 E Performance, when it presents its very own Class A official series! This competition will feature two distinct championships: a Formula A Grand Prix Series with an open setup and a fixed setup. Open set races are especially exhilarating as they run twice the length in laps, but with only 70 percent fuel allowed – so hold on tight until you reach the finish line!

BMW M Hybrid V8 Scedule

iRacing BMW M Hybrid V8

The BMW M Hybrid V8 is set to make an appearance in four multi-class racing series. Of these, two will take place weekly: a 45 minute American event by IMSA and a 60 minute European race. Together they’ll provide fans with plenty of nonstop action!

Toyota GR86 Schedule

iRacing Toyota GR86

If you’re eager to join the Toyota GR86 party, there are two series offering an opportunity for driving and racing this car. The all-new iRacing GR Cup provides a fixed schedule with many tracks included while Production Car Sim-Lab Challenge Series is a multi-class event.

What new tracks are included in iRacing 2023 season 1?

The latest content drop includes the new exciting Magny-Cours and the dirt racing oval of Lincoln Speedway.

Magny Course iRacing 2023 Season 1 Schedule

iRacing Magny Cours

For Magny Cours, there’s a four week block between weeks 4 to 7 where it will be heavily utilized in many different series. Week 2 will be the first time in official that iRacers can get on track with the Kamel GT Championship. After Week 7, Formula B (Week 9) and Formula A (Week 11) are the only places you will be able to race it.

Lincoln Speedway iRacing 2023 Season 1 Schedule

Lincoln Speedway

Lincoln, despite being a brand-new dirt track, will join the immense Dirt Legends Cup and various other dirt racing series. In this inaugural season (Season 1), there is nearly an opportunity to run on the track each week apart from weeks 6, 7 and 8!


So there you have it, everything you needed to know about the all-new iRacing 2023 Season 1 schedule.

With its selection of brand-new cars and tracks, this season promises to be full of exciting and challenging races.

Be sure to tune in to see all of the action!

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