iRacing Dallara Formula 3 Laguna Seca Setup

Have you been looking around for the latest and best setups in iRacing but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how essential having a great car setup in iRacing is, especially in such a high demanding track like Laguna Seca.

With its anti-clockwise layout, it’s one of the most challenging circuits in the world.

It’s in fact home to some of the most legendary Indycar and Moto GP races ever.

With the blind corners in sector 3 and the changes in elevation in sector 2, this track will provide you with one of the toughest challenges in iRacing.

So that’s the reason why you’ll want your car setup to be point to at least have a chance at winning.

Being fast around Laguna Seca in iRacing Formula 3

For you to be fast around Laguna Seca you’ll want to be really good under braking as well fast in carrying speed in the medium-speed corners.

Being one of the most difficult tracks to master, Laguna Seca can really put even professional sim racers to the test.

You’ll want to be as good as possible on the brakes so that you can gain valuable time on entry as well as create a good front load for turning the car at the apex.

Once the entry is sorted out, you’ll want to be early to full throttle so that you can gain some valuable time on the exit of the corners.

There aren’t very long straights like Spa or Monza, though you’ll need some speed out of the corners to clock in a fast lap time.

Free iRacing F3 Laguna Seca setup

In case you were interested, here’s a free-to-download setup that will allow you to get you started with confidence.

Laptime: 1:13.7

As always, happy sim racing! 🙂

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