iRacing Introduces Honda Super Formula in Season 4 Patch 2

iRacing Introduces Honda Super Formula in Season 4 Patch 2
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 4, 2023

iRacing, the popular online motorsport simulation platform, has rolled out a significant update, Season Patch 2, on September 27, 2023, bringing numerous improvements and exciting additions to the virtual racing experience.

One of the most anticipated changes is the introduction of the Honda-engine variant for the Super Formula SF23, mirroring the real-world Super Formula championship where teams choose between Toyota and Honda powerplants for their identical chassis.

Key Conepts In This Article

  1. iRacing’s Season Patch 2 adds a Honda-engine variant to the Super Formula SF23.
  2. The update also brings numerous tweaks for enhanced gameplay experience.
  3. Refinements to the Ferrari 296 GT3 are part of the comprehensive update.
  4. Improvements to user interface, audio settings, and race control are included.
  5. Several vehicles and tracks in iRacing have received significant upgrades.

A Curious Powerplant Discrepancy

Initially released alongside the 2023 Season 4 update at the start of September, the Super Formula SF23 in iRacing was conspicuously available only with Toyota power, a departure from the motorsport counterpart and other racing simulations like Gran Turismo 7, where both Toyota and Honda options were offered.

A Curious Powerplant Discrepancy

This anomaly raised questions among the iRacing community. However, with Season Patch 2, iRacing has rectified this issue, making the Honda-engine version with a matching white paint scheme a part of the simulation platform’s roster.

This update allows players who already own the SF23 to select their preferred propulsion method without additional charges, effectively granting access to both versions for a single cost moving forward.

Enhancements and Tweaks

In addition to the introduction of the Honda-engine SF23, this update includes several smaller tweaks to improve the overall gaming experience.

These tweaks encompass updated paint templates to enhance carbon fiber appearances and the introduction of visor tear-offs, which enhance realism during races, particularly in challenging conditions.

Ferrari 296 GT3 Refinements

The update also includes further refinements to the Ferrari 296 GT3, one of the newly added vehicles in iRacing.

Ferrari 296 GT3 Refinements

These refinements focus on how the ‘New Damage Model’ is implemented, improvements to dashboard readouts, and the resolution of a rendering issue concerning the driver’s right foot and gas pedal at specific camera distances.

Comprehensive Changelog

The update comes with a comprehensive changelog that addresses various aspects of the iRacing platform, including user interface improvements, simulation enhancements, fixes for graphics-related issues, and changes to audio settings.

These changes aim to provide a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for iRacing enthusiasts.

Improved User Interface

One significant user interface improvement is the update to all tables displayed throughout iRacing. The update ensures that these tables always display the most important and relevant information, regardless of the width of the iRacing window.

As the window width increases, additional columns are logically added to the user’s view, maintaining optimal legibility and column width.

While this enhances usability, it may result in some items no longer being visible at certain breakpoints, which can be addressed by adjusting the UI width, scale, or clicking on a row to open the relevant menu.

Streamlined Update Process

iRacing has also implemented a new feature to prevent the updater from being launched more than once, even if the update button is clicked multiple times.

Streamlined Update Process

This addition streamlines the update process and eliminates the need for users to manually execute specific files to complete updates.

Enhanced Audio and Race Control

The update includes changes to audio settings, such as reorganizing the selection order for Driver Audio Filters based on intensity and addressing issues related to static sounds in the Spotter/Crew Chief and Voice Chat channels.

In the simulation aspect, Race Control improvements are designed to fix issues with Drive Through Penalties and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Car Updates and Improvements

The update introduces updates and improvements for various vehicles available in iRacing, including adjustments to the New Damage Model, strengthening the front suspension of the Ford Mustang FR500S to reduce potential curb strike damage, and fixing issues related to cockpit mirrors and paint schemes for several cars.

Track Enhancements

Several tracks in iRacing have also received enhancements, such as adjustments to starting positions during rolling starts at Circuit Zandvoort and the addition of gain-time checkpoints at Fuji International Speedway to prevent unrealistic time gains during qualifying.

To Wrap Up

With Season Patch 2, iRacing has effectively leveled the playing field in terms of engine options for the Super Formula SF23 and made various tweaks to improve gameplay.

These changes and enhancements further solidify iRacing’s position as one of the most realistic and comprehensive online motorsport simulations available.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to virtual racing, there is something for everyone in this update.

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