iRacing Season 2024: Week 1 Patch Notes (Full List)

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2023

As the curtain rises on the new competitive season, iRacing enthusiasts welcomed the Season 1 2024 Patch 1 with open arms. 

This significant update heralds the start of a series of competitive events, infusing the virtual racing world with renewed energy and excitement. 

The deployment of this patch marks a significant milestone in the iRacing calendar, offering a plethora of new features, adjustments, and enhancements designed to elevate the racing experience to new heights.

A Cascade of New Additions

The latest content update, released on 5 December, coincided with the initiation of 2023 Season 4’s Week 13. It introduced a treasure trove of new content, including the addition of the Mugello circuit, the Audi R8 LMS Evo II GT3, and Slinger Speedway. 

A Cascade of New Additions iRacing

These new tracks and vehicles are not just mere additions; they are gateways to new challenges and experiences, offering racers diverse environments to test their skills and strategies.

Refinements and Innovations

On the innovation front, the update has not been shy. The introduction of 3D kerbs and substantial AI Racing Improvements signifies a leap towards more realistic and engaging gameplay. 

Moreover, adjustments made to surfaces when driving off-track aim to provide a more authentic feel to the racing experience. 

These enhancements are a testament to iRacing’s commitment to offering an ever-evolving platform that caters to the demands and expectations of its community.

Refinements and Innovations iRacing AI

Emily Jones, a prominent figure in the iRacing community, provides an insightful rundown of all these changes in a specially curated video. 

This video serves as a valuable resource for racers keen on understanding the intricacies of the latest update and how it impacts their racing strategies and enjoyment.

The Mid-Season Surprise: 13 December Update

Just when racers thought they had seen all the new season had to offer, iRacing rolled out another update on 13 December. 

This update wasn’t just a routine patch; it was a comprehensive addition to the already feature-rich Season 1 2024 update. 

This section of the patch notes sheds light on all the new enhancements and refinements included in this surprise update.

In-depth Look at Season 2024 Week 1 Patch Notes

The simulation received meticulous attention with this update. Shift lights across a range of cars were fixed, ensuring a more accurate and reliable indication for racers. 

AI Racing also saw significant improvements, particularly with AI now holding their brakes after losing control, a feature that many players might find beneficial for a more realistic racing experience.

The update wasn’t just about fixes and AI improvements; it also celebrated the heritage of racing by introducing two classic Lotus Grand Prix cars, the 49 and 79. 

These models come equipped with the new damage model, enhancing their realism and impact within the game. 

In addition to these exciting additions, Italian players received a special nod with the introduction of two new spotter audio packs, adding a layer of personalization and immersion for the Italian community.

Spotlight on the New Audi GT3 and Other Car and Track Changes

The new Audi GT3 received particular attention post-release. Initial issues such as the rear light functionality and cockpit lighting problems were swiftly addressed, showcasing iRacing’s commitment to quality and player satisfaction. 

The update also brought to light several adjustments to the Dallara single seaters, reflecting specific track conditions and performance considerations.

However, it wasn’t just the cars that received an overhaul. Tracks such as Mugello, Slinger Speedway, and Okayama saw a range of changes. 

These alterations were not just cosmetic but were aimed at enhancing the tactical depth and challenge of each circuit, ensuring that racers always have new variables to consider and master.

A Season of Dynamic Evolution

As racers delve into the new content and adaptations introduced in Season 1 2024 Patch 1, they are met with a dynamic and evolving landscape. 

The commitment to providing a realistic, challenging, and engaging experience is evident in every aspect of the update. 

From the introduction of new tracks and cars to the meticulous adjustments and enhancements, each component of the patch contributes to a richer, more immersive racing experience.

The updates reflect a blend of heritage and innovation, with classic cars being revived with modern technology and tracks being continuously refined to offer unprecedented challenges. 

As racers adapt to these changes, they find themselves part of an ever-evolving narrative, one that is shaped by their experiences, feedback, and the relentless pursuit of perfection that defines the iRacing community.

As we look ahead, the updates set the stage for a season filled with intense competition, strategic depth, and personal triumphs. 

Whether it’s mastering the nuances of the new tracks, adapting to the refined vehicle dynamics, or enjoying the enhanced realism of the simulation, there is something in this update for every racing aficionado. 

The journey through Season 1 2024 of iRacing promises to be as thrilling as it is rewarding, with each patch not just an update but a new chapter in the ever-expanding saga of virtual racing.

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