iRacing Secures NASCAR Licence: New Console Game in 2025

iRacing Secures NASCAR Licence: New Console Game in 2025
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 7, 2023

iRacing, the renowned racing simulation platform, has confirmed its acquisition of the official NASCAR license previously held by Motorsport Games.

This exciting development comes after weeks of rumors and financial uncertainties surrounding Motorsport Games. With a rich history in NASCAR gaming, iRacing’s takeover promises a new era for NASCAR enthusiasts.

In this article, we delve into the details of this significant announcement, the implications for NASCAR gaming, and what fans can expect from the upcoming console game.

Key Concepts in This Article

  1. iRacing has acquired the official NASCAR license from Motorsport Games.
  2. The Papyrus team will helm the new NASCAR gaming project.
  3. An official NASCAR console game is set for release in 2025.
  4. Motorsport Games will continue supporting existing NASCAR titles until 2024.
  5. The shift allows Motorsport Games to focus on other advanced development projects.

Rumors Come to Fruition

For several weeks, speculations and rumors about the future of the Motorsport Games NASCAR license had been circulating.

 These rumors gained momentum after an investor call in late August hinted at the company’s need to sell assets to secure its financial stability.

On October 5th, Motorsport Games officially confirmed that the NASCAR game license was transferring to iRacing.

iRacing’s existing role as the series’ official technical and simulation partner laid the foundation for this transition. This shift marks a pivotal moment for the NASCAR gaming community.

The Return to Glory

The acquisition of the official NASCAR license by iRacing heralds the return to the heights of NASCAR gaming’s past glories.

Notably, the Papyrus team, responsible for iconic titles like NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, is set to take the helm of the license once again.

This reunion with experienced developers promises a bright future for NASCAR gaming enthusiasts.

iRacing’s Enthusiasm and Vision

Tony Gardner, the President of iRacing, expressed the team’s eagerness to embark on this new journey, describing the opportunity to create the next NASCAR game as “an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.”

Gardner’s words reflect the excitement and determination within iRacing to deliver an exceptional NASCAR gaming experience.

Furthermore, iRacing already possesses substantial NASCAR gaming expertise, along with the necessary resources and technology assets.

These advantages position iRacing favorably to develop an outstanding NASCAR game franchise across various platforms.

A Console Game on the Horizon

One of the most thrilling aspects of this announcement is the revelation that an official NASCAR console game is in the works and is scheduled for release in 2025.

This console game will join iRacing’s existing title, World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing. The inclusion of console gaming opens up new horizons for NASCAR enthusiasts and provides accessibility to a broader audience.

Additionally, the possibility of PC and mobile titles as part of this agreement hints at the potential for NASCAR gaming to reach fans on various platforms.

Motorsport Games’ Ongoing Support

As part of the deal, Motorsport Games commits to supporting its existing NASCAR titles through 2024.

This includes popular titles like NASCAR Heat 5, NASCAR 21: Ignition, and NASCAR Rivals. The CEO of Motorsport Games, Stephen Hood, emphasized that this decision follows a thorough strategic review.

Hood also conveyed that the company would now focus its efforts on delivering other intellectual property (IP) that is already in advanced development.

This strategic shift ensures that Motorsport Games can concentrate on promising titles like the official FIA WEC game, Le Mans Ultimate. With this transition, the financial concerns that have loomed over the company appear to be addressed, bringing optimism for the future.

A Bright Future for NASCAR Gaming

iRacing’s acquisition of the official NASCAR license marks a turning point for NASCAR gaming. With a new console game on the horizon and the experienced Papyrus team at the helm, fans can look forward to a revival of the golden age of NASCAR gaming.

Motorsport Games’ commitment to support its existing titles ensures a smooth transition while allowing the company to focus on its other promising projects.

As the NASCAR gaming community eagerly anticipates the future, the road ahead looks promising, exciting, and filled with exhilarating racing experiences.


With iRacing securing the official NASCAR license, the future of NASCAR gaming appears bright. The company’s enthusiasm, vision, and existing resources position it favorably to deliver an exceptional NASCAR gaming experience across various platforms.

As fans eagerly count down to 2025 for the release of the new console game, they can rest assured that experienced developers like Papyrus are at the helm, promising a return to NASCAR gaming’s past glories.

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