9 Tips to get crazy Fast in iRacing

Best iRacing tips
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
May 24, 2022

Looking to level up your skills in one of the most challenging racing simulator in the world?

If so, then you’ll really need to know all the tips and tricks to take your iRacing driving performance to the next level.

If you truly wish to become a PRO in iRacing, you’ll really want to practice a much as you can while at the same time improving your car control.

You’ll also want to follow a proven list of driving techniques to get your iRacing skills off the charts as well as your precision and driving consistency.

So without further ado, here are some of the most important tips to turn you into an iRacing PRO!

What are the best tips to get faster in iRacing?

Here are the 9 tips you’ll need to apply to get faster in iRacing:

  1. Trail bake until the apex
  2. Memorize braking points
  3. Downshift aggressively under braking
  4. Hit every single apex
  5. Use all the track and kerbs available
  6. Be smooth with the steering inputs
  7. Look for the best car setups
  8. Use a proper steering wheel
  9. Turn down the sensitivity and deadzones

Let’s now have a look at each one of them in greater detail.

1. Trail bake until the apex

One of the most important things you can do to become faster in iRacing is to practice and master the trail braking technique.

Trail braking is a driving technique where you initially attack the brakes and then hold them until you turn into the apex.

This is done by first braking in a straight line and then turning the steering wheel while still applying pressure on the brakes controlling any front lock ups.

Trail bake until the apex

This not only helps the car stop more efficiently but also to reduce the understeer and pick up more front rotation by the apex.

It normlly take lots of time and practice to master this driving technique, but once you do it correctly, your driving performance will be noticeably faster.

2. Mwmorize braking points

Another important aspects to become really fast in iRacing is to actually memorize the braking points for each and every corner on the race track.

This is extremely important because if you don’t know when to brake, then you’ll most likely either overshoot the corner or brake way too early.

Mwmorize braking points

To do this effectively, you’ll need to first study the racing line for each corner and then identify where the braking reference points are and then push them further as you start to get more confident and brake harder.

3. Downshift aggressively under braking

Another important tip to get faster in iRacing is to downshift aggressively under braking.

This means that you should be downshifting gears earlier and faster while at the same time trail braking into the corner.

Downshift aggressively under braking

This driving technique helps the car to rotate better and also allows you to stop more efficiently thanks to the use of the engine brake.

4. Hit every single apex

If you truly want to become fast in iRacing, then you must learn how to hit each and every apex perfectly.

This means that you need to position your car correctly so that it takes the shortest and quickest line possible through the corner while at the same time using all of the race track.

Hitting apexes consistently is not an easy task and takes lots of practice, precision and car control to master.

Hit every single apex

Make sure you watch onboard Youtube videos to see how the pros do that in each circuit so that you can emulate them and get faster!

5. Use all the track and kerbs available

In order to become truly fast in iRacing, you need to learn how to use all of the race track as well as any available kerbs.

This means that you’ll need to use any available kerb under braking, rotate at the apex and finally run wide on the exit kerb by going soon to full throttle.

Use all the track and kerbs available

When you’ll do that you’ll generate more speed down the straights which is key to setting fast laptimes.

6. Be smooth with the steering inputs

One of the most important things you’ll need to do to become faster in iRacing is to be smooth with your steering inputs.

This means that you should avoid any sudden or sharp movements with your steering as they’ll just upset the car and make you lose time.

Be smooth with the steering inputs

Instead, you should always try to reach the optimal steering angle in the middle of the corner where it’s neither too little nor too much that would cause the car to slide.

7. Look for the best car setups

Car setups make a huge difference not only in real life racing but also in iRacing and that’s why you’ll need to get yourself familiar with the process of tweaking and fine tuning them.

The best way to do that is to first look for setups created by professional iRacing drivers or top-level teams as they usually know what works best.

Look for the best car setups

Then, you can start making small changes to those setups according to your own driving style and preferences until you find the perfect car balance and grip level.

No matter how talented and fast you are as a driver, if you’re setup si terrible then you’ll always be slower than someone with a good one so make sure you spend some time on that!

8. Use a proper steering wheel

If you’re serious about becoming a pro then you’ll want to invest a few hundred dollars in a high end Thrustmaster or Fanatec wheel.

That will allow you to have a much more realistic and immersive experience as well as being able to take full advantage of all the force feedback features.

Use a proper steering wheel

Fanatec wheels (including a wheelbase) usually cost around 1,400$ but the value you get out of every lap you do with it is worth every penny.

9.Turn down the sensitivity and deadzones

Last but not least, remember to turn down the deadzones and sensitivity levels from your steering wheel to avoid having unrealistic steering inputs.

If you don’t do that then you’ll find it very hard to control the car smoothly as it will be robably be oversteering.

Turn down the sensitivity and deadzones

Start by setting the deadzones to 0 and then slowly increase the sensitivity until you find a good balance between realism and car control.


So here were our recommended tips on how to become faster in iRacing.

Remember that practice makes perfect and the only way you’ll get better is by putting in the hours and doing lots of laps!

As in any sport and eSport, you’ll become better and better the more you practice and have high quality training sessions.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and that you’ll be able to apply them in your next races!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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