Latest iRacing Update Introduces Built-In In-App Purchases

Latest iRacing Update Introduces Built-In In-App Purchases
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 27, 2023

iRacing, the ultimate racing simulation platform, has recently introduced a groundbreaking update with its 2023 Season 3 Patch 4, bringing an array of remarkable features and enhancements to the forefront.

This patch not only elevates the overall iRacing experience but also streamlines usability, expands the available content, and improves various aspects of the simulation.

Native Shopping Cart: Simplifying Content Purchase

In the past, navigating content purchases in iRacing could be a bit cumbersome, particularly when you didn’t own the required cars or tracks.

Previously, selecting a race without the necessary content would redirect you to a web browser for purchases.

With the latest update, iRacing introduces a native shopping cart, allowing users to conveniently add multiple items and complete transactions directly within the iRacing application.

While this new shopping cart enhances the user experience, it’s important to note that PayPal purchases still need to be processed through the classic member site for now.

Native Shopping Cart: Simplifying Content Purchase

Additionally, there’s a temporary bug affecting the purchase of content via Steam, so this functionality has been temporarily disabled.

Wallet System and Gift Credits: More Convenience

Alongside the shopping cart, iRacing introduces a new wallet system, replacing the previous ‘recharge’ button.

The wallet system brings added convenience, allowing users to manage their iRacing Dollars more effectively. This system also offers a more streamlined process for distributing gift credits and redeeming gift cards.

The new wallet system comprises several key features:

  • An ‘Add Funds’ button replaces the previous ‘Recharge’ option, enabling users to purchase additional iRacing Dollars within the application.
  • A ‘Send Gift’ button allows users to purchase iRacing Dollars for others. This feature supports selecting recipients from your friends and followed users, as well as anyone searchable. You can enter any amount and include an optional message with your gift.
  • A ‘Promo Codes & Gift Cards’ section is added to the wallet, enabling users to check promotional and gift card codes and redeem them directly within the application.

Wallet System and Gift Credits: More Convenience

These wallet features are not only available within the shopping cart but can also be accessed within the ‘My Account’ section under ‘Overview’ and ‘Account Balance.’

Dedicated Spectate Sessions Page: Enhanced User Experience

With this update, iRacing introduces a dedicated ‘Spectate Sessions’ page within the ‘Go Racing’ section of the application.

This page displays all actively running sessions that allow spectators. It’s divided into three tabs: Official Sessions, Hosted Sessions, and League Sessions, making it easier for users to find sessions they’d like to spectate.

Users can employ various methods to search, sort, and filter sessions, helping them quickly identify the sessions they’re interested in.

This enhanced spectator feature also provides a wealth of information, ensuring an optimal spectating experience.

Automatic Crash Reporter: Enhanced Issue Detection

iRacing’s introduction of an automatic crash reporter system is a significant advancement. This system automatically copies crash dump files and log files when a user generates them, then adds them to a database that iRacing can access for analysis.

Automatic Crash Reporter: Enhanced Issue Detection

The aim is to identify unreported issues and detect trends in real-time, enhancing the platform’s stability.

Users can choose to opt out of this system if they prefer not to participate in automatic crash reporting, as this feature is designed to catch unreported issues and enable timely troubleshooting. The default setting for users is ‘Opt-In.’

User Interface Improvements: Easier Navigation

The user interface receives several updates to enhance usability:

  • A new dropdown menu consolidates options for selecting content updates and downloads. The ‘Select Owned’ option simplifies content selection, including all required updates and owned content by default.
  • The ‘Drive Now’ dropdown now includes a ‘Track Info’ option, providing direct access to the track info page for the chosen week.
  • In leagues, nicknames and car numbers are now visible to league members, not limited to league administrators.

Spotter Enhancements: Improved Realism

Spotter Enhancements: Improved Realism

iRacing’s spotter system receives several improvements:

  • All explicitly triggered spotter messages, including damage reports, will now play when triggered, even if the spotter has been temporarily silenced.
  • Spotter messages for cars immediately in front of or behind the player are updated for improved accuracy.
  • The ‘That car is a lap down’ spotter message will now only play for cars in the same class as the player.

AI Racing, Tires, and Other Updates

Various updates enhance AI racing, tire physics, and other simulation elements for improved realism and accuracy. Key changes include:

  • AI rosters with 11 or more car types now correctly grid cars by relative speed.
  • Rolling drag parameters for tires without ABS on off-track surfaces are updated.
  • The overtake system in the Super Formula SF23 receives a variety of improvements, including fixed timing issues and enhancements for better functionality.

AI Racing, Tires, and Other Updates

Car and Track Updates

iRacing’s extensive collection of cars and tracks receives a series of updates:

  • The Ferrari 296 GT3 sees further improvements to its damage model.
  • The Super Formula SF23 introduces changes to the launch control and overtake systems.
  • The NASCAR Legends Pontiac Grand Prix (1987) has its nose shapes updated for the new damage model.
  • Additional improvements to car setups are included for cars like the Dallara IR18 and Modified – SK / NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified.

Track-Specific Updates

Numerous tracks receive updates, including the addition of public address (PA) announcements and commentary in various languages.

These updates are made to enhance the immersive experience at specific tracks. The updated tracks include Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, Circuit de Lédenon, Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, and Kern County Raceway Park (Legends).

With these groundbreaking updates, iRacing is setting new standards for realism, usability, and overall user experience in the world of racing simulation.

Motorsport enthusiasts and gamers alike can look forward to an enhanced and streamlined experience within the platform.

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