Le Mans Ultimate: New Gameplay & Hypercar Sounds at Monza!

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2023

Just a day after the reveal of the Ferrari 499P through a rendering, the racing world has been treated to the first official gameplay footage featuring this Le Mans-winning marvel in the upcoming game, Le Mans Ultimate. 

This marks a significant moment for fans of the rFactor 2 platform, as Le Mans Ultimate emerges as a modern iteration, showcasing noticeable advancements over its predecessor, a simulation that has been a staple for over a decade. 

The recently released footage, dated December 21, 2023, presents an exhilarating onboard lap around Monza, highlighting the prowess of the Ferrari 499P just a day following its grand unveiling. Le Mans Ultimate Gameplay Monza

This gameplay not only demonstrates the game’s potential but also offers a glimpse into the future of racing simulations.

Visual and Auditory Feats: The Refreshed Monza and Ferrari 499P


In the gameplay, Le Mans Ultimate reveals a rejuvenated Monza track. This version stands apart from its rFactor 2 counterpart, featuring updated elements like the WEC digital display above the pitlane and seemingly enhanced lighting effects, adding to the game’s realism. 

The Ferrari 499P itself is a marvel of detail, with the interior boasting intricate features such as cables along the A-pillar, a carbon fibre dashboard, and a highly accurate steering wheel display, mirroring its real-world counterpart.Visual and Auditory Feats The Refreshed Monza and Ferrari 499P

The most striking aspect, however, is the sound design. The Ferrari’s 120° turbocharged V6 engine roars magnificently, complemented by the distinct whine of its electrical hybrid system, particularly noticeable during energy-recouping braking phases. 

This auditory experience is reminiscent of onboards from the 2023 racing season, adding a layer of authenticity to the simulation.

Gameplay Insights and Anticipations

While the gameplay footage is a promising sign of progress, certain aspects are notably absent. There’s no indication of an in-sim Heads-Up Display (HUD), although one was seen during the Le Mans event. 

Additionally, trackside camera angles are missing, and the footage lacks any on-track opponents, which are key elements in racing simulations.

The anticipation also extends to new-build tracks like Portimão’s Algarve International Circuit and Fuji Speedway, not yet showcased in moving images. 

As for the game’s features, it is expected to build upon rFactor 2’s renowned tyre model and introduce an asynchronous car-sharing multiplayer mode.

Speculations are high about the inclusion of Motorsport Games’ RaceControl online ranking system.

Looking Forward: The Road to Release

As the media awaits a hands-on experience with the current build of Le Mans Ultimate, there is growing excitement and expectation for what the game will offer. 

Fans and enthusiasts alike are hopeful for more reveals and testing opportunities before the game’s scheduled release on February 20, 2024. 

This anticipation sets the stage for a significant leap in simulation racing, with Le Mans Ultimate poised to redefine the standards of virtual racing experiences.

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