Low Participation in Forza Motorsport’s Online Multiplayer

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 27, 2023

Despite Forza Motorsport being in early access for almost two weeks, a significant portion of players has yet to dive into its online multiplayer component.

A Slow Uptake for Online Multiplayer

Based on data compiled by TrueAchievements, only 10% of Xbox players engaging with Forza Motorsport have unlocked the “In the Big Leagues” achievement, a recognition bestowed upon completing the introductory online multiplayer race.

This suggests that a substantial 90% of players haven’t experienced a single online race within the game.

Reasons for the Low Numbers

The precise reasons behind the lackluster participation in Forza Motorsport’s online multiplayer remain unclear.

One possible explanation is that the game’s presence on Game Pass may have enticed players to initially sample a few races in the single-player campaign before diverting their attention to alternative gaming experiences.

Others might be diligently focusing on mastering their skills through the campaign mode before venturing into the multiplayer arena.

A Missed Opportunity for an Exciting Feature

This trend is somewhat regrettable as Forza Motorsport’s Featured Multiplayer mode is one of its standout features.

This mode emulates the atmosphere of a racing weekend by scheduling featured races at specific times, complete with qualifying and practice sessions.

The game introduces spec races that automatically equalize the cars for a level playing field. It also provides open races, allowing players to bring their customized cars within a specified class.

An incorporated driver safety rating system adds an extra layer of fairness and cleanliness to online races, marking a significant improvement over the multiplayer experience found in previous Forza Motorsport titles.

Challenges in Retail and on Steam

Forza Motorsport’s lukewarm reception extends beyond its online multiplayer. In terms of retail sales, the game had a sluggish start by failing to break into the top 20 UK boxed charts, debuting at number 23.

Factors such as Game Pass subscriptions and the growing prominence of digital sales have likely contributed to this underwhelming performance.

The game’s Steam player count is also lower than anticipated, with a peak of 4,703 players at the time of writing, notably lower than Forza Horizon 5’s impressive 81,096 players.

Anticipating a Rise in Player Engagement

While the game’s launch might not have been as meteoric as expected, there’s still hope that player numbers will pick up over time.

Forza Motorsport remains a prominent title for Xbox Series X|S, offering strong competition to Gran Turismo.

Despite initial hiccups, the recent 1.0 patch update has enhanced the overall experience by addressing bugs and revising the car progression system to reduce the grind.

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