MOZA Racing New Affordable HBP Sim Racing Handbrake

MOZA Racing is proud to announce the launch of a new and affordable sim racing handbrake: the MOZA HBP Handbrake.

Ideal for sim racers of all levels, this handbrake tethers either directly to a PC or is securely compatible with any pre-existing MOZA wheelbase.

How much does the Moza HBP handbrake cost?

Now available at an affordable price of only $99, such an advanced piece of hardware has never been more accessible than today.

The handbrake has been designed wih sim racing in mind to provide the best feedback possible. Its aluminum construction ensures durability, while its adjustable system allows for customisation of your hand position.

MOZA Racing hbp handbrake

MOZA is also now offering a new Handbrake or Shifter table clamp to mount the product for an additional $29, not including Value-Added Tax.

How does it compare to other popular handbrakes?

The Moza HBP is pretty affordable compared to other handbrakes on the market today which can skyrocket in price up to $130 for the Fanatec’s and $330 for the Sparco-Thrustmaster TSS.

So if you’re looking to enhance your rally skills or get your drift on, MOZA has what looks to be a decent entry level handbrake option.

What are the specs of the Moza HBP handbrake?

Crafted with Aeroplane Grade Aluminum, this HBP is equipped with a 16 Bit High Precision Position Sensor for enhanced performance.

Not only can sim racers adjust the pressure and travel in the handbrake, but also customize its handle’s angle to their preference.

Moreover, it connects directly to both PC or MOZA Wheel Base for added convenience.

All these features may not seem like much but at such an affordable price, MOZA Racing’s HBP Handbrake is a great way to get into sim racing without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for a new piece of sim racing equipment for your setup, check out MOZA Racing’s HBP handbrake today!

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