Nascar Heat 5 Indy Cup Setup

Have you been looking around for the latest and best setups in Nascar Heat 5 but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how essential it is to have a great NASCAR Cup setup in NH5, especially in such a tricky circuit as Indy.

If you’re looking to crack into the low 50s then you’ll want to minimize the time spend off the throttle by going straight back on power.

You don’t wanna lose plenty of precious lap time down the straights either, so make sure that you take the draft from some other cars in front of you.

Nascar Heat 5 Indy Cup Setup screenshot

In terms of setup, you’ll want to run a negative 2.7 camber setting in the front right, and a positive camber of 3.0 degrees in the front left while the wheel lock can be set at 12 degrees.

You’ll also want a pretty stiff front swaybar around 1.500 since it will help you rotate the car while at the same time not unsettling the rear too much while turning in.

It’s really key to not have too much oversteer in the car though, otherwise you’ll probably lose confidence and lots of time too.

Nascar Heat 5 Indy Cup – video onboard

Here’s a brief video onboard around Indy from “The Setup Man” which will help you improve your driving and ultimately your lap times.

If you’re looking for a proven setup that was able to get into the low 50s you just have to go through the video where you can discover the setup he has run.

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