Need For Speed 2022: New Game Details Rumors

Need For Speed 2022: New Game Details Rumors
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
August 19, 2022

Have you also been wondering when the new NFS will be released and what sort of new features will it feature?

EA still hasn’t revealed the new Need for Speed 2022, but we now confidently know that a new NFS game is coming this year.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to reaearch and share with you some of the most plausible rumors about the new game, so you can be as prepared as possible for when it does drop.

Latest NFS 2022 rumors

Here are the latest Need for Speed 2022 rumours.

The new sequel of NFS Heat is set to release later this year, according to a recent EA earnings call.

In addition to that it seeml like Criterion Games, the Guilford-based studio behind 2010’s NFS Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise, returns with the assistance of Codemasters Cheshire.

That to me is very exciting and is set to make this game one of the best in the sequel.

Latest NFS 2022 rumors

Other than that, Need for Speed 2022 is still mostly a mystery, even though it could be released in just a few months.

EA has yet to reveal any official details about the game, other than the release window.

Although we don’t know for certain, there are many rumours about the new Need for Speed game that could give us clues about what to expect.

New leaks have given us information on things like the location, cop chases, and visual style for the upcoming Need for Speed game.

Here’s everything we know so far.

New Need for Speed 2022 gameplay details leak

With EA not revealing when the game will come out, new Need for Speed gameplay details have been leaked on Reddit.

Cop chases are back

One Reddit user who says they know an EA employee claims that cop chases are making a return in Need for Speed 2022.

The leaker claims that vehicles parked around the map can be stolen, resulting in a high-heat chase with cops in Corvettes and SWAT trucks after you.

Tyres also won’t be supposed to generate much smoke. Instead, the leaker claims that the lines will be mimicking the direction of the rear of the tyres.

What will the new Need for Speed game be called?

Except for the 2015 simply titled Need for Speed, most NFS games have always had a subtitle like “Rivals”, “Underground”, and “Heat”.

What will the new Need for Speed game be called?

According to the well-informed EA leaker Tom Henderson, it is speculated that the new game might possibly be called Need for Speed Unbound (not 2012’s Ridge Racer Unbounded).

In which city will Need For Speed’s map be located?

One of the most important rumors surrounding Need for Speed 2022 is clearly the location of the map and which city area it will feature.

A leaked map suggests that players will be able to explore a huge open world, with various environments ranging from city streets to rural roads and highways.

Criterion’s goal for Lake Shore City, according to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, is “to make it feel like a real city” even though it draws inspiration from multiple existing cities.

Henderson also noted that the tracks in the map are unique, with a large train running through the map.

New online multiplayer feature

Autolog was developed by Criterion in collaboration with Hot Pursuit, a social network with Facebook-inspired features such as comparing high scores and sharing photos with friends.

NFS 2022 will appear to be very focused on online multiplayer and social engagement.

The Autolog system from Criterion is expected to make a return in NFS 2020, along with a new Meetups feature.

With this feature, players can meet up around the map and start races together.

Anime-style visuals

It’s rumoured that Need For Speed 2022 will have a visually stunning blend of realism and anime-esque elements, giving the game an art style like no other.

Anime-style visuals

Henderson has also supported this, adding that smoke, wind, and fire effects will come off the car during fast driving and drifting

According to another rumor, on-screen text saying “bang” will appear when hitting objects like fire hydrants or lamp posts.

Platforms compatibility: Current-gen only

The upcoming Need for Speed game in 2022 will be the first in the series to come out on current-generation platforms – and it may only be released for those consoles.

In fact another unconfirmed but likely possibility for the new game is that it will be exclusively compatible to current-gen systems, to reduce the development costs.

This means that the game will only be compatible with PS5, PC and Xbox Series X. On the other hand PS4 and Xbox One owners will be left out.

When will NFS 2022 be released?

Need for Speed games have typically been released in November to take advantage of Christmas sales.

Therefore, If rumours are true, NFS 2022 will follow suit.

When will NFS 2022 be released?

According to Henderson’s sources, NFS 2022 is set to launch on the 4th of November.

EA has yet to announce an exact release date, but we do know that NFS 2022 will come out between October 1st and December 31st of next year.

With the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown now delayed until 2023, and Forza Motorsport debuting in the spring of next year, this November we should expect to see NFS 2022 to be the only big racing game released in the holiday season.


So there you have it, all the possible leaks and rumors about the upcoming Need for Speed game in 2022.

While we cannot be sure about any of this information until EA confirms it, these are the most credible rumors that have surfaced so far.

We will be sure to update this article as more information comes out.

In the meantime, are you also looking forward to the game release?

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