The Complete Raceroom Free Cars list

The Complete Raceroom Free Cars list
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 22, 2021

Are you just getting started with Raceroom racing Experience and  were wondering what cars are available for free?

I probably know what you’re thinking: “I ain’t gonna pay for extra cars this time”.

Well, I totally get it.

The Complete Raceroom Free Cars list

There’s way too many add ons to purchase in sim racing and it never quite feels it ends.

There’s always something extra to buy: the new track, the new car, etc…

Though in Raceroom you will see that there’s plenty of free content you can play around with.

Is RaceRoom content still free?

Despite having some premium add ons that you can buy, the game actually comes with 12 free cars and 5 tracks ready to be raced on.

That’s such great news since it means you don’t need to pay anything to get started playing the game.

Is RaceRoom content still free?

It’s probably not quite as good as Assetto Corsa though, but it still is a truly top-level racing simulation game.

Some of the free content is maybe not exactly what you were looking for, though let’s now have a look at all the free cars you can find on it.

What are the free cars in RaceRoom?

So the comes with 12 free cars ready to be raced on, and 5 tracks.

It’s awesome to see that you can get to race on an LMP1 and LMP2 without spending a single penny.

There are some great GT cars in the mix too, and you can even race on a few different types of tracks.

There you go, here’s the complete list of free cars in Raceroom:

  • DMD P20 – (LMP1)
  • DMD P21 – (LMP2)
  • Canhard R51
  • Canhard R52
  • Cougar C14-1
  • Cougar C14-2
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior
  • 134 Judd V8
  • Aquila CR1 Sports GT
  • Saleen S7R
  • Mistral M530
  • Mistral M531

What is the fastest free car in RaceRoom?

The fastest free car you will find in the game is the LMP1 DMD P20 which is a real beast.

If you think of its massive downforce as well as horsepower, you’ll know it can be quite a handful of toy to play with.

What is the fastest free car in RaceRoom?

It will surely eat any GT3 car for lunch. 😉

Though also the DMD P21 LMP2 is also really quick, though nowhere near the P20.

How do you get cars in the RaceRoom?

For you to get the free cars you’ll simply have to launch the game and you will find them in the “cars” section.

Though if you wanted to upgrade to premium cars, then you’d have to purchase and download them from their store.

Time to wrap up:

So there you go, the full list of free cars in RaceRoom. Did you know that they’ve also got some great free tracks to race on? Check them here.

The game comes with a great variety of free content to race on, and you can even upgrade to premium cars if you’re willing to spend some money on it.

For the time being, you can get started with this list of free cars, and there’s plenty more coming in the near future.

Then only if you feel bored and unsatisfied with the free content you can purchase more cars and tracks to keep you going.

Hope you found this article helpful, and see you on the track!

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