Rallycross Sim Racing Guide: Best Games for Dirt Racing

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2023

A sense of disappointment pervaded the rallycross community as EA Sports WRC unveiled its lineup without the much-anticipated rallycross feature, despite its predecessor’s inclusion. 

This omission left fans scouring for suitable alternatives within the realm of simulated racing, searching for that adrenaline-fueled rallycross experience.

Diving into DiRT Rally 2.0’s Rallycross Offerings

DiRT Rally 2.0 serves as more than a mere rallying simulation; it is a comprehensive title featuring the intense, track-based variant known as rallycross. 

Diving into DiRT Rally 2.0's Rallycross Offerings

With the community’s expectations set high, the absence of rallycross in the latest EA and Codemasters collaboration was a letdown. Nevertheless, the world of simulated rallycross is far from barren.

Unveiling the Richness of Rallycross in DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 stands out as the quintessential title for those seeking content directly from the FIA World Rallycross Championship. 

Codemasters’ Southam studio, before securing the prestigious WRC license, delivered this title replete with an array of cars, liveries, and tracks that resonate with authenticity and excitement.

As the official game of WorldRX, DiRT Rally 2.0 proudly displayed the championship logo, signaling its status and dedication to the sport. 

While it wasn’t branded as the official WRC game, it featured elements and assets from the series, offering a rich, immersive experience.

Rallycross Evolution in Automobilista 2

The game is a treasure trove for rallycross enthusiasts, especially with its optional downloadable content. 

Despite some criticism over its initial release strategy, the game, particularly in its ‘Game of the Year’ edition, offers substantial value.

Driving Dynamics and Content Depth in DiRT Rally 2.0

Returning to DiRT Rally 2.0, players will notice the game’s drive to deliver an exhilarating and sometimes unforgivingly realistic rallycross experience. 

Top players exploit the game’s physics to dramatic effect, sliding into corners with aggressive finesse, challenging the very limits of digital rallycross realism.

The game’s AI presents a formidable challenge at higher difficulty levels, often seeming to transcend the game’s own physical laws. However, this high level of challenge contributes to the game’s enduring appeal and replayability.

The audiovisual presentation in DiRT Rally 2.0 is noteworthy, with cars sounding ferociously authentic and the physical demands of gear-shifting providing a tactile, immersive experience. 

The faithfully recreated locations add another layer of depth, making revisits to the game not just nostalgic but genuinely enjoyable.

The base game includes an array of content from the real-world 2018 WorldRX season, considered by many as the series’ golden era, with a roster of manufacturer-backed teams and legendary drivers.

Exploring Rallycross in DiRT Rally 2.0

As players dive deeper into the world of DiRT Rally 2.0, they encounter a lineup of top-tier cars and tracks that define the rallycross experience. 

From the initial offering of seven advanced cars to the post-launch additions representing the 2019 season, the game continually expands its roster, offering fresh challenges and experiences.

The tracks, too, are a highlight, with 13 dedicated rallycross tracks available upon purchasing all DLC. This extensive collection offers a variety of terrains and challenges, each track bringing its own unique character and history.

Rallycross Evolution in Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2, while primarily focusing on tarmac racing, embraces rallycross with its Adrenaline Pack Pt 1 DLC. 

This addition enriches the game’s diversity, introducing new cars and tracks specifically tailored for the rallycross enthusiast.

The game’s approach to rallycross is distinct, offering a blend of traditional racing mechanics and the unique, dirt-fueled chaos of rallycross. 

The inclusion of a Joker Lap mechanic and specific rules presets further enhances the authenticity of the rallycross experience.

Rallycross Depth in Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2, utilizing the same engine as Automobilista 2, offers an even more expansive rallycross experience. 

With a diverse lineup of eight cars and an array of tracks, the game caters to a wide range of rallycross preferences.

Despite the game’s overall focus, the rallycross content is far from an afterthought. It’s crafted with care and attention to detail, offering a satisfying and challenging experience. 

The game’s tracks, including historic and contemporary layouts, provide a rich playground for rallycross enthusiasts.

The Rallycross Realm in iRacing

iRacing, known for its meticulous focus on road and oval racing, doesn’t neglect the rallycross discipline. 

With an extensive license progression system and a robust selection of cars and tracks, iRacing offers a comprehensive and competitive rallycross experience.

The game’s approach to rallycross is rigorous and immersive, with a focus on authentic physics and challenging competition. 

However, the high barrier to entry in terms of content purchase may deter some, though the game offers ways to explore rallycross with no additional cost.

The Quest for Rallycross Excellence

While the recent omission of rallycross from EA Sports WRC may have left a void for many enthusiasts, it’s important to note that the world of sim racing remains abundantly rich with alternative experiences that capture the essence and excitement of rallycross. 

The genre is alive and well, with several standout titles offering diverse and engaging ways to enjoy the sport.

Firstly, DiRT Rally 2.0 is often celebrated for its comprehensive approach to the rallycross experience.

It provides players with an extensive range of cars and tracks, along with highly realistic physics and environments that make for an immersive simulation. 

Its attention to detail and challenging gameplay have garnered a dedicated following and solidified its status as a go-to for rallycross simulation.

On the other hand, Automobilista 2 offers a unique take on the sport with a focus on Brazilian motorsports, including a variety of international tracks and cars. 

Its dynamic weather system and advanced physics model add depth and realism to the rallycross experience, making it a favorite among those seeking a different perspective on the sport.

Project CARS 2 is another notable mention, known for its vast track selection and dynamic weather system that affects racing conditions in real-time. 

Its rallycross component is robust, featuring a variety of vehicles and detailed track environments that challenge the player’s driving skills and adaptability.

Lastly, iRacing stands out for its high-intensity competition and community-driven approach.

Known for its accurate physics and laser-scanned tracks, it offers a highly competitive environment for those looking to test their skills against other drivers in real-time. 

With regular updates and official racing series, iRacing keeps the rallycross community engaged and continually challenged.

Each of these titles offers something unique to the world of rallycross simulation.

Whether it’s the comprehensive and immersive experience of DiRT Rally 2.0, the distinctive Brazilian flair of Automobilista 2, the extensive features of Project CARS 2, or the competitive edge of iRacing, players have access to a wide array of experiences. 

The variety ensures that the spirit of rallycross is well and alive in the digital realm, providing endless hours of entertainment and competition for enthusiasts around the world. 

Despite the absence in one major title, the community continues to thrive and grow, driven by these passionate and diverse sim racing experiences.

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