rFactor 2: Online Ranked Multiplayer Now Available

rFactor 2: Online Ranked Multiplayer Now Available
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 7, 2023

In the world of motorsport simulation gaming, rFactor 2, developed by Studio 397, stands as a prominent name.

With the recent unveiling of a Release Candidate build for rFactor 2, a multitude of exciting features, improvements, and innovations have emerged.

rFactor 2: Online Ranked Multiplayer Now Available

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of rFactor 2, including its new multiplayer matchmaking system, Driver Rank (DR) and Safety Rank (SR) mechanics, the introduction of a new BMW model, and much more.

Buckle up as we dive into the thrilling world of rFactor 2.

Key Concepts in This Article

  1. ‘rFactor 2 Online’ introduces a new multiplayer system with DR and SR ratings.
  2. The system replaces the less popular Competition System, offering an enhanced experience.
  3. Players can access races and events tailored for varying skill levels and ratings.
  4. The game now allows users to host servers and track their progress online.
  5. It also brings several improvements, including mod management and driving line aid enhancements.

Revolutionizing Multiplayer with ‘rFactor 2 Online’

Studio 397 has introduced an eagerly anticipated multiplayer matchmaking system called ‘rFactor 2 Online.’

Revolutionizing Multiplayer with 'rFactor 2 Online'

This innovative system is set to redefine the multiplayer experience in rFactor 2. Alongside ‘rFactor 2 Online,’ the Release Candidate build also brings a slew of crucial fixes and enhancements, including an upgrade for players using the latest AMD drivers.

Mimicking the Greats: iRacing and Gran Turismo 7

‘rFactor 2 Online’ aims to emulate the multiplayer systems found in popular racing games like iRacing and Gran Turismo 7.

With this system, players will be seamlessly organized into online rFactor 2 races based on their Driver Rank (DR) and Safety Rank (SR) ratings.

Mimicking the Greats: iRacing and Gran Turismo 7

These ratings, referred to as ‘DR’ and ‘SR,’ are meticulously calculated using Studio 397’s revolutionary RaceControl technology.

Understanding Driver Rank (DR) and Safety Rank (SR)

DR and SR are the cornerstones of rFactor 2’s competitive multiplayer environment:

  • DR (Driver Rank)

Your DR is determined by analyzing your recent online race results through an ELO algorithm. Similar to the Low Fuel Motorsport (LFM) sim racing platform, this algorithm calculates your DR gain or loss based on your finishing position and the relative ratings of your competitors.

  • SR (Safety Rank)

Your SR rating evolves based on your on-track behavior. It takes into account the number of incidents you’re involved in and the number of clean laps you complete.

To influence SR and DR ratings, a minimum of five registered drivers must participate in a race.

These ratings are categorized into Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Platinum bands, mirroring real-world GT racing driver rankings.

It’s essential to bear in mind that your DR can never surpass your SR. Thus, driving cleanly remains imperative even if you find yourself consistently winning races!

Bid Farewell to the Outgoing Competition System

The new ‘rFactor 2 Online’ system is poised to replace the outgoing Competition System, which struggled to attract a substantial player base and was ultimately overshadowed by more popular third-party platforms like LFM.

Bid Farewell to the Outgoing Competition System

This transition marks a significant leap forward in enhancing the multiplayer experience within the game.

Getting Started with ‘rFactor 2 Online’

The revamped multiplayer system is now accessible through the Release Candidate version of rFactor 2. To embark on your journey with ‘rFactor 2 Online,’ follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on rFactor 2 in your Steam Library.
  2. Select ‘Properties.’
  3. Click on ‘Betas.’
  4. From the ‘Beta participation’ drop-down menu, select the ‘rFactor 2 RaceControl Release Candidate’ build.

Additionally, when accessing the in-game Online menu for the first time, players will be prompted to sign up for a RaceControl account.

Getting Started with 'rFactor 2 Online'

As an enticing incentive, Studio 397 offers the newly revised BMW M2 CS at no cost to players who register for a RaceControl account.

This vehicle, typically priced at £4.33, will be added to your game upon registration.

Thrilling Races with ‘rFactor 2 Online’

‘rFactor 2 Online’ promises an array of daily races featuring both free and paid-for rFactor 2 content. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Beginner Races

These hourly races feature free rFactor 2 content and are open to players of all Safety and Driver Ranks.

The free content includes the BMW M2 CS, the Caterham Academy, and various Tatuus single-seaters.

To boost confidence, multiplayer practice sessions are available for each event, where DR and SR remain unaffected.

  • Intermediate Races

Occurring every two hours, these races are intended for drivers with a Silver SR rating and above.

  • Advanced Races

These high-level races take place every three hours and are exclusively for drivers with a Gold rating.

In addition to daily races, ‘rFactor 2 Online’ introduces weekly Special Events. These events feature longer races with higher DR rewards and dynamic weather based on real-world API data.

A practice server is available for these events in the days leading up to the races.

Tracking Your Progress and Achievements

With ‘rFactor 2 Online,’ drivers can effortlessly view and monitor all their race results and statistics through their new rFactor 2 Online profiles.

Host Your Own Server

A notable feature in rFactor 2’s latest Release Candidate build is the ability to create Hosted Servers for a fee.

The pricing for hosted servers includes options for 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours of server access.

Host Your Own Server

Community servers will continue to be available under Online > Servers > Community Servers. Throughout the Release Candidate beta phase, servers will be accessible daily between 11 am CEST and 2 am CEST.

Enhancements Galore

The Release Candidate build of rFactor 2 brings a host of updates and enhancements aimed at improving your gaming experience:

  • Mod Management

Players can now designate downloaded mods as ‘temporary’ on the client side. These temporary mods are automatically deleted upon startup.

Additionally, clients have the option to set all mods acquired from servers as temporary, providing a more efficient way to manage space and content.

  • AMD Drivers

A crash issue specific to AMD hardware users with particular drivers has been carefully addressed and resolved.

  • Driving Line Aid Enhancements

The ‘Driving Line Aid’ now offers additional options, including settings for “Paddock” and “Paddock & Pit Entry,” making it easier for users to navigate tracks with complex paddock areas.

The game defaults to the ‘paddock’ setting


In conclusion, the new ‘rFactor 2 Online’ system promises an unparalleled multiplayer experience for sim racing enthusiasts.

With its advanced rating system, thrilling races, and numerous enhancements, it’s sure to keep players engaged and eager for more.

So what are you waiting for? Join in on the action and test your skills on some of the most iconic tracks with rFactor

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