rFactor 2 Q4 2022 Content Drop Adds 2 New Cars

rFactor 2 Q4 2022 Content Drop Adds 2 New Cars
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 22, 2022

The developers at rFactor 2 have some wonderful news to share for the holidays.

As a Christmas gift, two new cars are being added to the world of rFactor 2 upon its Q4 2022 content drop.

These cars are real beasts, and they will certainly keep you busy for weeks to come.

2 New cars added to rFactor 2

For rFactor 2 players who already own the 2021 BTCC cars, this free update is a must-have!

It includes every team, driver and livery from the 2022 British Touring Car Championship season for all BTCC Cars.

That’s such a great news for all those BTCC fans out there!

But that’s not all, for the Q4 2022 content drop also includes two brand-new cars.

What new cars are coming for rFactor 2 in Q4 2022?

The first car to join rFactor 2 is the front-wheel drive BTCC Vauxhall Astra.

BTCC Vauxhall Astra btcc

Its handling and mechanical grip are perfect for getting into tight corners, and its lightweight chassis will make you fast around the twisty section of the track.

The next car that’s been added in the Q4 2022 Bonus Drop is the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 992, developed in conjunction with World’s Fastest Gamer winner Rudy van Buren.

With its high-performing six-cylinder boxer engine, the 992 variant of the 911 GT3 Cup offers an astonishing 500+ horsepower at 8,400 rpm for those taking part in Porsche Supercup series races.

These two new additions will be available in rFactor 2’s single player, multiplayer and career modes and can be used with all other content released since the launch of RF2.

Moreover, rFactor 2’s Bonus Drop not only adds the full lineup of drivers from the current BTCC season, but also features a revamped tire model and Balance of Performance across all vehicles.

That is such a great news since it brings the simulation closer to real racing conditions.

As it seems, this Q4 2022 content drop is sure to add more excitement to rFactor 2 and make it even more enjoyable for its players.

Extra Q4 2022 Content Updates

Now that we’ve presented the two new cars, let’s not forget about the other updates included in this Q4 2022 content drop.

Various cars and tracks have also been updated as part of the Q4 2022 Bonus Drop:

Daytona v1.17

  • Fixed Oval layout camera
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Improvements to Road, Grass & Water materials

Bahrain v1.11

  • Fixed Track Limits
  • Fixed DRS
  • Optimized Visgroups

Sebring v1.15

  • Fixed Pit Exit Cut Detection
  • Fixed Rolling Start problems
  • Minor Gap Fixes

Nordschliefe v2.43

  • Updated pit lane cut corridors, pit exit cut detection
  • Reviewed fast rolling starts

Circuit d’Azur v1.19

  • Fix for orange ambient online
  • LOD optimizations
  • Optimization to reflection mappers

Laguna Seca v1.21

  • Reviewed cut corridors in pitlane
  • Fixed terrain gap outside of final turn
  • Kurb Fixes T7 & T9

Infiniti Q50 v1.37

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling update

Toyota Corolla v1.47

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling

BMW 330 v1.17

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling update

Ford Focus v1.31

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling update

Hyundai i30 v1.31

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling update


So there you have it, everything you needed to know about the upcoming rFactor 2 Q4 2022 content drop.

The two new cars are sure to bring plenty of racing excitement, and the various track and car updates will definitely keep you busy for many hours.

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