Introducing Sabelt’s Stylish Sim Racing Cockpits

Introducing Sabelt's Stylish Sim Racing Cockpits
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
September 27, 2023

Sabelt, the renowned Italian manufacturer of seat belts, car seats, and motorsport equipment, has made a grand entry into the sim racing market.

Key Concepts in this article

  1. Sabelt debuts in the sim racing market.
  2. ‘Sabelt S Series’ offers four cockpit configurations.
  3. The entry-level S97 is priced at €699; S99-BDD at €1,497.
  4. Cockpits available in ‘Galaxy Grey’ with a sandblasted finish.
  5. Pre-orders come with a complimentary set of Sabelt seatbelts.

A Comprehensive Look into Sabelt’s Debut in Sim Racing with Stylish, Affordable Cockpits

With their brand new range of cockpits called the ‘Sabelt S Series,’ gamers now have the option to choose from four different configurations, each offering varying levels of equipment and specifications.

A Comprehensive Look into Sabelt's Debut in Sim Racing with Stylish, Affordable Cockpits

Starting with the S97 priced at €699 to the top-of-the-line S99-BDD priced at €1,497, there is a cockpit to suit every budget and requirement.

The entry-level options, S97 and S97-BWD, are perfect for beginners, offering a wheel and pedal mount.

Sabelt’s Revolutionary Sim Racing Cockpits

For those seeking a more advanced experience, the S99 and S99-BDD provide similar functionalities but come equipped with wheel and pedal mounting solutions specifically designed for professional-level sim equipment from renowned brands like Simucube and VRS.

Sabelt’s foray into the sim racing world with their aluminium cockpits is set to revolutionize the gaming experience, ensuring comfort and precision for all racing enthusiasts.

The cockpits from Sabelt are available in an attractive ‘Galaxy Grey’ color with a sandblasted finish. They feature 10mm aluminum side plates adorned with Sabelt branded yellow stripes.

Sabelt's Revolutionary Sim Racing Cockpits

The S97 model has a base made of a 120mm x 40mm aluminum profile, while the S99 model boasts a sturdier construction with a 60mm x 40mm and 120mm x 40mm aluminum profile.

Pre-order your Sabelt cockpit and get complimentary seatbelts!

Pre-orders are now open, and each pre-ordered cockpit comes with a complimentary set of Sabelt seatbelts. Additionally, customers have the option to enhance their Sabelt cockpit with various accessories, such as a branded Sabelt seat, monitor stands, wheel rims, and more.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Sabelt’s cockpits in the comments section below. Let us know if you like their design!

Sabelt S97 Cockpit

  • For a complete setup and customization options, consider the following components:
  1. Aluminium plates for enhanced strength and durability.
  2. Rubber feet to ensure stability and prevent slippage.
  3. Yellow slot cover for an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  4. Fixings to securely assemble the components.
  5. Aluminium profile and extrusions for reliable structural support.
  6. End caps to protect and secure the ends of the profiles.

Please note that the following items are not included: wheel mount, pedal mount, seat, seat brackets, wheelbase, and pedals.

Price: €699

Sabelt S97-BWD Cockpit

Sabelt S97-BWD Cockpit

  • The product includes:
  • Adjustable Pedal Mount
  • Wheel Deck
  • Aluminium profile
  • Aluminium plates
  • End caps
  • Rubber feet
  • Yellow slot cover
  • Fixings

Compatible with:

  • Logitech G29/G920/G923/Pro Racing Wheel
  • Fanatec CSW 2.5/CSL Elite/CSL DD/Gran Turismo DD Pro/DD1/DD2
  • Asetek La Prima/Forte/Invicta
  • Thrustmaster T300/T818/T-GT/TS-XW/T-GT II/TS-PC/TX/TS-XW
  • Moza R16/R9/R5

Not included:

  • Seat
  • Seat brackets
  • Wheelbase
  • Pedals

Price: €937

Sabelt S99

Sabelt S99

  • Aluminium profile for structural support and durability
  • Premium quality aluminium plates for added strength and stability
  • Convenient end caps for a polished and finished look
  • Soft rubber feet for enhanced grip and stability
  • Vibrant yellow slot cover for added style and visibility
  • Various fixings for easy assembly and customization
  • Adjustable Pedal Mount for personalized comfort and control
  • Sturdy Wheel Deck for a realistic driving experience
  • Not included: wheel mount, pedal mount, seat, seat brackets, wheelbase, pedals

Price: €1,099

Sabelt S99-BDD

Sabelt S99-BDD

  • Aluminium profile for sturdy construction
  • Aluminium plates for added durability
  • End caps to provide a finished look
  • Rubber feet for enhanced stability
  • Yellow slot cover for a vibrant touch
  • Fixings for easy installation
  • Ultra Pedal Mount for secure pedal attachment
  • DD Wheel Front Mount for reliable wheel mounting
  • Compatible with: Simucube 2 Sport, Simucube 2 Pro, Simucube 2 Ultimate, VRS DD Wheelbases
  • Not included: seat, seat brackets, wheelbase, pedals

Price: €1,497


In conclusion, Sabelt’s innovative entrance into the sim racing market is indeed stylish and noteworthy.

The newly introduced ‘Sabelt S Series’ offers affordable cockpit configurations tailored to both beginners and professionals.

These aluminium cockpits, available in ‘Galaxy Grey’ with sandblasted finishing, deliver an enhanced gaming experience with comfort and precision.

With pre-orders already open, these stylish sim racing cockpits from Sabelt are set to leave an indelible mark on the sim racing landscape.

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