Super Woden GP 2 Review: Circuit Superstars Meets Gran Turismo

Super Woden GP 2 Review: Circuit Superstars Meets Gran Turismo
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 27, 2023

Super Woden GP 2 has quickly gained attention as a casual sim racing alternative, capturing the essence of 1990s arcade racers while incorporating elements reminiscent of the Gran Turismo series. 

Released on Steam, this game introduces players to a racing experience that marries retro charm with modern features.

A Glimpse into Super Woden GP 2’s Unique Appeal

Arcade Aesthetics, Gran Turismo Inspiration

Super Woden GP 2 immediately stands out with its casual yet intriguing visual style. The game pays homage to the arcade racers of the 1990s, evident in its design and presentation. 

However, a closer look reveals a clear influence from the Gran Turismo series, adding a layer of depth to its overall appeal. 

The main menu, cleverly designed as a world map with dealerships, reflects the game’s commitment to combining the best of both racing worlds.

Early Access Insights

Super Woden GP 2 Review: Circuit Superstars Meets Gran Turismo

Having had the opportunity to explore Super Woden GP 2 before its official release on November 10, 2023, provided valuable insights. 

Developed by the talented ViJuDa, known for the well-received Super Woden GP from 2021, the sequel continues the legacy with a one-man team at the helm. 

The game exudes retro charm, allowing players to apply filters for a nostalgic CRT TV experience, reminiscent of the gaming era of yesteryears.

Racing Dynamics and Sonic Nostalgia

Racing Lines and Musical Throwbacks

For players familiar with Circuit Superstars, the gameplay dynamics of Super Woden GP 2 offer a sense of déjà vu. 

While omitting pit stops, tire wear, and fuel consumption, the game places emphasis on mastering the racing line and avoiding relentless full-throttle acceleration. 

The top-down view, akin to titles like Circuit Superstars and Art of Rally, further contributes to the game’s nostalgic charm. 

Racing Dynamics and Sonic Nostalgia

A standout feature is the soundtrack, evoking memories of the iconic Ridge Racer series, adding a delightful touch of nostalgia to the overall experience.

Throwback Car Selection

Super Woden GP 2 takes players on a journey down memory lane with its car selection. Spanning from the 1960s to the late 1990s, players can explore nine distinct dealerships, each representing a unique car brand. 

While the cars are not officially licensed, their strong resemblance to real-life counterparts adds an authentic touch. 

The game allows for car upgrades, washing, and even oil changes at the workshop, reminiscent of Gran Turismo’s immersive features.

Diverse Racing Experiences: From Hatchbacks to Rally

Upgrades, Washes, and Oil Changes

The workshop serves as a hub for players to enhance their vehicles, with upgrades visibly impacting on-track performance. 

Starting with a car resembling a Golf GTI, agile but not overly fast, winning a Cinder Opalium introduces a new dynamic—more power but with a boat-like handling experience. 

Upgrades, Washes, and Oil Changes

Super Woden GP 2 surprises players with the inclusion of rally cars, particularly evident in the Arcade game mode. 

The addition of bespoke racing and rally cars introduces diversity and challenges to the racing experience.

Rally Adventures and Campaign Exploration

Rally cars take center stage in the Arcade mode, marked by a distinct Super Woden Rally splash screen, time limits for stage completion, and an arcade filter. 

Rally events, however, are not limited to the Arcade mode but are seamlessly integrated into the normal campaign. 

Players can opt for single-race weekends, championships, and even endurance events, earning stars as rewards to unlock additional challenges and events. Credits are also awarded, facilitating further car upgrades and new vehicle acquisitions.

Multiplayer Dynamics and Future Prospects

Local Multiplayer and Online Aspirations

Super Woden GP 2 caters to multiplayer enthusiasts with a local multiplayer mode accommodating up to four players. 

Multiplayer Dynamics and Future Prospects

However, at the time of release, online multiplayer is notably absent. The game compensates for this limitation with online leaderboards, allowing players to compare lap times and compete indirectly. 

While primarily a singleplayer experience, the potential addition of online multiplayer in future updates could enhance the game’s appeal to a broader audience.

Engaging Community Through Steam Remote Play

For those eager to engage in multiplayer races with friends, Super Woden GP 2 offers a solution through Steam Remote Play, allowing up to four friends to join the racing action online.

Super Woden GP 2: A Compelling Racing Experience

Captivating Gameplay and Short Races

Super Woden GP 2 captivates players with its engaging gameplay, prompting the desire for one more race or championship. 

The brevity of races, with lap times rarely exceeding 60 seconds, positions the game as an ideal pick-up-and-play alternative. 

Captivating Gameplay and Short Races

This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a casual break from more intense and serious racing games or simulations.

Release Details and Special Offer

The game has officially launched on Steam, exclusively available for PC at a price of €12.95. An introductory offer, available until November 17, provides a 35% discount, making it an opportune time for racing enthusiasts to explore the world of Super Woden GP 2.

In conclusion, Super Woden GP 2 emerges as a noteworthy addition to the racing game genre, seamlessly blending the charm of arcade racers with the depth of simulation-inspired gameplay. 

Its nostalgic elements, diverse car selection, and potential for future multiplayer expansions position it as a compelling choice for both solo racers and those eager to compete with friends. 

As the racing community embraces this new contender, Super Woden GP 2 stands poised to leave a lasting impression on the virtual racing landscape.

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