Top 5 Tracks Gran Turismo 7 Should Introduce

Top 5 Tracks Gran Turismo 7 Should Introduce
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 4, 2023

Gran Turismo 7 has received another update, but unfortunately, it still lacks new tracks.

It’s been a while since the last track was added, specifically in the February 1.29 update, which introduced the revamped Grand Valley circuit. This has left many Gran Turismo players feeling frustrated and questioning the future of the game.

Key concepts in this article

  1. Gran Turismo 7 players hope for new tracks following long period without additions.
  2. Motorland Aragon and Tokyo R246 could enhance the game’s European and Japan circuits.
  3. Goodwood Hillclimb and Pikes Peak offer unique point-to-point racing challenges.
  4. Improved karting tracks could provide an engaging alternative to traditional racing.
  5. The return of Circuito Ascari, a fan favourite, is eagerly anticipated by players.

With nearly 19 months since its release, some players speculate that GT7 may have reached the end of its cycle.

Top 5 Tracks Gran Turismo 7 Should Introduce

However, we remain hopeful that Polyphony will continue to add new tracks, even if it’s at a slower pace, such as one track every three months.

To address this issue, we have compiled a list of additional tracks that we hope to see in Gran Turismo 7. We’ve done this before, and there are more exciting options to consider!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more tracks in GT7’s future!

Motorland Aragon

The first track in the list we’d like to see in Gran Turismo 7 is Motorland Aragon.

Located in Spain, this 5.3 km track is known for its challenging layout and variable elevation changes. It’s also home to a variety of motorsports events, including MotoGP and World Superbikes.

Adding Motorland Aragon to GT7 would not only introduce a new track but also expand the game’s selection of European circuits. It would also provide a new and unique challenge for players, with its fast corners and tricky turns.

Tokyo R246

Next up, we have a fan-favorite track that has appeared in previous Gran Turismo games – Tokyo R246.

Tokyo R246

This street circuit is located in Japan and features iconic landmarks such as the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

The inclusion of Tokyo R246 in GT7 would not only bring nostalgia for long-time players but also provide a new experience for newer players who may not have had the chance to race on this track before. With its tight turns and long straights, Tokyo R246 would add an element of excitement and unpredictability to races in GT7.

Goodwood Hillclimb

The Goodwood Hillclimb in West Sussex, England is an iconic 1.16-mile strip of tarmac. For 30 years, it has been the gathering place for vehicles from all corners of the motoring world at the Festival of Speed.

Attending this event is a must for any racing fan. It’s a test of precision and speed, where even a slight misplacement of a wheel on the grass can result in significant time loss.

While it may not be suitable for close quarters racing due to its point-to-point nature and short duration, it remains the ultimate challenge.

In addition to the Goodwood Hillclimb, there is also the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak hillclimb, offering another incredible challenge for players to compete on these two unique tracks.

The Goodwood Hillclimb was previously featured in Gran Turismo 6, but it is not included in GT7.

Popular Kart Tracks

Karting was introduced to Gran Turismo 5, followed by the addition of an indoor karting track.

Popular Kart Tracks

Kart Space, with its two layouts, offers a simple yet underwhelming configuration.

While it lacks the popularity of renowned tracks like Wackersdorf, PF, and Genk, having a decent karting-suited track would be a welcome addition.

If Kart Space were to return, it could benefit from a refreshing makeover, drawing inspiration from indoor karting venues such as Supercharged Entertainment in New Jersey and The Grid in Utah.

By incorporating elements like length, elevation, and rollercoaster-style corners seen in real-world tracks, players would be more inclined to give karting a try.

Circuito Ascari

The Ascari Race Resort, a private club located in Ronda, Spain, is a hidden gem for racing enthusiasts.

Nestled within its grounds is the 3.37-mile Circuito Ascari, a racetrack that made its appearance in Gran Turismo 6 but sadly disappeared from the series. With iconic corners like Copse, the Senna S, and even a mini inverted Eau Rouge, this track offers a thrilling experience.

Circuito Ascari

While it may not be ideal for competitive racing due to its challenging first corner, the fluidity and charm of the Ascari circuit have made it an instant favourite among fans.

Interestingly, there are rumours that the game developers, Polyphony, still maintain a good relationship with the locals.

In fact, during the launch party of GT6, the series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, was honoured with a road named after him in Ronda.

Recent reports suggest that Kazunori Yamauchi visited the Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi just a month ago. Could this mean that negotiations are underway to bring back the beloved Ascari circuit? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Wrap Up

To wrap up, we hope that this list has sparked some excitement for new tracks in Gran Turismo 7.

Though the future of GT7 may be uncertain, we remain hopeful that Polyphony will continue to add more exciting tracks for players to enjoy.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay tuned for any updates!

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