Understanding the photo mode of EA SPORTS WRC

Understanding the photo mode of EA SPORTS WRC
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 13, 2023

In the gaming world, the absence of a photo mode in DiRT Rally 2.0 was a point of longing for rally enthusiasts, a void that has now been conscientiously filled in the much-anticipated EA SPORTS WRC. A game that not only stands as the latest addition to the gaming sphere but is also being acclaimed as one of the finest rally experiences to date.

A Glimpse into WRC’s Visual Odyssey

The much-talked-about feature that’s stealing the spotlight in this game is the robust screenshot creator, a feature that finds its roots deeply embedded in the acclaimed F1 series.

A Glimpse into WRC’s Visual Odyssey

For those well-versed in the nuances of the photo mode from F1 23, maneuvering through the WRC’s image generator may come as second nature.

A Guide to Mastering WRC’s Photo Mode

However, for the uninitiated or those finding the WRC’s photo mode a tad cumbersome, fear not. Here’s a comprehensive guide that unlocks the potential, enabling you to capture and immortalize the most breathtaking moments of your beloved rally cars.

Setting the Stage: Preparing for the Perfect Shot

Configuring Your Image Saving Preferences

Before embarking on your virtual shutter journey, it’s crucial to set up the foundations for capturing your digital masterpieces. For Steam users, a pivotal step involves ensuring the ‘Save an uncompressed copy’ box is checked. By doing so, your snapshots are preserved as high-quality PNG files rather than the standard JPEG format.

To initiate this setup, navigate through Steam’s settings. Under the ‘In-Game’ tab, ensure the box for ‘Save an uncompressed copy’ is checked. Alternatively, if you opt for your preferred capture software, configuring it to ensure maximum image quality is paramount.

Navigating the Photo Mode Terrain

Accessing WRC’s photo mode is a ritual that follows the completion of a stage. Post your adrenaline-fueled rally adventure, whether it’s a flawless victory or a catastrophic crash, the option to relive your moments through a replay becomes available.

But before delving into the nostalgia of your epic journey, optimizing your graphics settings is vital. Maximize these settings to ensure that your screenshots encapsulate the sheer visual splendor that WRC offers.

During the replay, select a moment that encapsulates the essence of your virtual rally adventure and freeze the action. This pause in time opens the gateway to the photo mode.

Mastering Camera Control

In the realm of the PC version, the controls to finesse your shots involve using keys W, A, S, and D for lateral camera movement, while the arrow keys facilitate camera rotation. The camera’s height is controlled by the Left CTRL key and Spacebar. For that added dynamic touch, Q and E are your allies in rolling the camera on its axis.

For non-PC users, maneuvering the camera is orchestrated through the analog sticks of a gamepad, allowing for a tailored photographic experience.

The Artistry Behind the Lens: Deciphering Camera Settings

Unlocking the Potential: Detailed Photo Settings

Moving beyond the initial setup, it’s time to explore the intricacies of image creation through the detailed photo settings accessible via the ‘options’ tab in WRC.

WRC grants you the power to alter real-world camera settings, allowing you to sculpt the desired image. For instance, if you aim for a side-on panning shot akin to the ones below, tweaking the aperture setting and manipulating the shutter speed becomes crucial.

Understanding Camera Settings


The aperture, akin to the opening of a camera, regulates the inflow of light. A wider aperture (lower f-stop numbers) allows more light and induces background and foreground blur, known as bokeh. On the contrary, a narrower aperture (higher f-stop numbers) enhances overall image focus.

Shutter Speed:

The shutter speed controls the duration for which light enters the camera sensor. Longer shutter durations allow more light, whereas shorter durations limit it. Understanding these settings is pivotal for managing exposure, although in WRC, this balance is automated, simplifying the process of capturing stunning shots.

Focal Length:

Manipulating the ‘focal length’ alters the field of view, simulating the functionality of a telephoto lens. Longer focal lengths induce background blur but can make focusing on the car a tad challenging. Experimenting with focal length and focus distance yields various captivating results.

Bokeh Shape:

Bokeh defines the quality of background blur, influenced by the number of blades covering the camera aperture. A higher number of blades results in smoother, circular bokeh, while fewer blades create a more defined and less aesthetically pleasing effect. The choice of bokeh shape is at your discretion.

Other Settings:

WRC’s additional features include a ‘rule of thirds guide’ and ‘focus plane’ display, aiding in framing and focus. Adjusting color balance, applying filters, and even adding a touch of lens distortion can further enhance your shot.

Perfecting the Masterpiece: Post-Capture Tweaks

Adding Motion Blur

The final touch to your visual narrative involves incorporating motion blur. However, an observed bug in WRC’s photo mode often displaces the image leftward when applying motion blur, an anomaly absent in the preview build. To counter this, pre-positioning the camera slightly right before applying motion blur becomes necessary.

Perfecting the Masterpiece: Post-Capture Tweaks

Initiating the ‘process motion blur’ command should seamlessly add the desired motion effect, although it might require a manual click due to a potential key assignment issue.

The Culmination: Saving and Post-Editing

Capturing the Culmination

With your masterpiece poised and ready, the concluding act involves preserving the visual marvel. Save your work by hitting F12 in Steam, etching your creation into the digital realm.

Post-Editing: The Final Flourish

Should you seek further enhancement, software like Lightroom offers a canvas for additional editing. A slight touch-up using Lightroom can elevate your image, adding that extra polish to your already captivating snapshot.

The Grand Reveal: A Visual Symphony

Through these meticulously laid out steps, you’ll unearth the ability to capture not just moments but vivid tales of your rally escapades. The prowess of WRC’s photo mode coupled with your newfound expertise in manipulating its tools will set the stage for an artistic journey, encapsulating the raw spirit of rally racing.

By unraveling the depths of WRC’s photo mode, each snapshot becomes more than just an image; it becomes a vivid testament to the passion and thrill of rallying, a visual symphony echoing the essence of speed, adrenaline, and the picturesque beauty of motorsport.

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