Vintage Christmas Gift: 1934 Maserati 8CM in Assetto Corsa

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 28, 2023

The world of modern sim racing predominantly focuses on the glitzy, technology-driven Formula One races post-1960s, with substantial representation of legendary seasons and iconic cars. 

However, a significant era of racing history, the pre-war period, notably lacks representation.

Historic Sim Studios is addressing this gap with the introduction of the 1934 Maserati 8CM in Assetto Corsa, coinciding with the festive season, bringing a piece of racing history back to life.

From the late 1960s, the influence of media and games, such as the ‘Grand Prix’ film and Grand Prix Legends, has kept the latter decades in the limelight. 

In contrast, the earlier years, especially before the official commencement of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, have seen sporadic attention. 

While there are mods and some content like the 1954 Maserati 250F and the recently released 1952 Ferrari 500 F1, they are relatively few and far between. 

This scarcity is what makes the release of the Maserati 8CM not just a novelty but a necessary addition to sim racing titles.

The Historical Significance of Grand Prix Racing and the Maserati 8CM

The Historical Significance of Grand Prix Racing and the Maserati 8CM

Grand Prix racing has a storied history that dates back to the late 19th century, gaining prominence between the World Wars. 

The 1934 season was particularly notable with German manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union dominating the scene. Italian manufacturers like Alfa Romeo and Maserati were formidable competitors, with Alfa Romeo winning five of the thirteen races without an official championship title. 

The Maserati 8CM, although not the most successful, was part of this competitive era, driven by renowned racers like Tazio Nuvolari and Piero Taruffi. 

Its straight-8 engine and minimalistic design, featuring drum brakes and thin tires, are reflective of the engineering and design ethos of the time.

The Maserati 8CM in Assetto Corsa: A Vintage Christmas Present

The Maserati 8CM in Assetto Corsa

The Maserati 8CM mod for Assetto Corsa is a dive into the visceral, raw experience of pre-war racing. 

It’s an opportunity to understand the challenges and thrills of early 20th-century motorsport. The car is demanding, requiring mastery over its four gears and handling the notorious drifts and slides. 

Braking is an art, with long distances and delayed reactions being part of the learning curve. However, once tamed, the 8CM offers an exhilarating, addictive experience, especially on historical tracks like Donington 1938, reviving the romance of early racing.

The Future of Pre-war Grand Prix in Sim Racing

The release of the Maserati 8CM is just the beginning. Historic Sim Studios is working on more 1934 Grand Prix cars, promising a richer, more varied exploration of this golden era of motorsport in sim racing. 

With the upcoming releases, sim racers can look forward to a more comprehensive and immersive experience of pre-war Grand Prix racing, an era that, until now, has only been a footnote in the vast history of motorsports in gaming. 

This endeavor not only expands the repertoire of racing simulations but also pays homage to the foundational years of Grand Prix racing, ensuring that the legends and machines of the past continue to inspire and thrill generations to come.

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