What Is the Minimum Participation Requirement (MPR) in iRacing?

Have you sometimes been wondering what the MPR in iRacing really was?

Being iRacing full of acronyms, this could be one of them that might have caused you confusion.

What is MPR in iRacing?

MPR basically stands for “Minimum Participation Requirement” and is considered one of the two prerequisites for your license to be advanced.

what is iracing mpr

For that reason, in order to advance to the next driver’s license level you must meet a minimum participation requirement and compete in a certain amount of races at your current license tier.

Where can I find iRacing’s MPR?

To view your MPR status, simply click on the helmet icon in the iRacing UI and access your profile.

Navigate to the “Licenses” tab and you’ll be presented with all of the information required to fulfill your MPR Obligation across four licenses.

It couldn’t be easier!

iracing mpr

Completing Rookie-level series is a necessary part of your MPR duties as a rookie, however it may be confusing when attempting to discern which series will count towards the next license level.

To make the process easier for you, look for either the Green “MPR UP” Icon in Tile Mode or green up arrow on List Mode within each individual series description.

This way, it’ll be easy to identify which ones participating in those particular races can help advance you further up the ladder!

As you can see, by just following these simple steps, it’s easy to keep track of your MPR and advance in the ranks of iRacing.

Keep in mind that the only way to level-up your license is by meeting both MPR and Safety Rating standards.

Additionally, gaining MPR can also be achieved through time trials which could also be a great way to hone your skills and get comfortable with new cars or tracks on iRacing.


So there you go, everything you need to know about iRacing’s MPR.

By meeting the obligations of your current license tier, you can easily advance up the driver’s license ladder and enjoy the various features available at each tier.

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