Why is Gran Turismo 7 So Hard and How To Make It Easier

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 11, 2023

Gran Turismo 7, the latest addition to the iconic racing game series, offers an expansive and thrilling experience for both PS5 and PS4 gamers. 

With a vast collection of over 420 cars and nearly 100 tracks, the game promises an immersive playing experience that can easily extend beyond 50 hours. 

This guide aims to equip you with the best strategies to navigate the complexities of Gran Turismo 7, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey through its challenges.

Navigating the Gran Turismo Café: Your Path to Progression

The Gran Turismo Café serves as the central hub for your progression in the game.

This innovative feature introduces a series of tasks ranging from races to car collection challenges, which are essential for unlocking the full range of the game’s features, including multiplayer modes, all tracks, and car tuning capabilities.

Understanding the Café Menus GT7

It’s crucial to focus on completing these café menus, as they are integral to unlocking the game’s full potential.

Understanding the Café Menus

There are 39 menu books in the Gran Turismo Café, each presenting unique challenges and objectives. 

Completing these menus not only progresses your journey through the game but also brings the satisfaction of achievement. 

With more menus being added through free updates, the game ensures a continually evolving and engaging experience.

Time Investment for Completion

Each menu varies in duration, ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.

The requirements can be as simple as installing a new car wing or as complex as competing in multi-race championships. 

For players aiming for 100% completion, including obtaining all gold trophies, the game demands a time investment between 30 to 60 hours.

Obtaining Licenses: A Crucial Step in Your Racing Career

As you progress in Gran Turismo 7, acquiring licenses becomes essential for participating in single-player championships. 

Obtaining Licenses A Crucial Step in Your GT7 Racing Career

Prioritize obtaining the National B and National A licenses early in your gameplay to ensure readiness for upcoming events.

Advantages of Completing License Categories

Beyond the National B and A licenses, you can choose to complete all five license categories before diving into the Gran Turismo Café challenges. 

Each completed license category rewards you with a new vehicle, enhancing your collection and saving in-game credits.

Balancing the Pursuit of Gold Medals

While striving for “all golds” in license tests can be rewarding, it is not a necessity for game progression.

The minimum requirement for these tests is a bronze medal, achievable for both newcomers and seasoned players alike. 

However, if you’re up for the challenge, returning to these tests for gold medals can be a fulfilling endeavour.

Utilizing Demonstration Videos

Each license test is accompanied by a demonstration video, showcasing the AI driver completing the gold requirement.

These videos are valuable resources for learning and can be used as a real-time ghost to aid your performance.

Smart Management of In-Game Resources

Early Game Car Purchases

In the early stages of the game, managing credits is crucial. With a vast selection of over 420 cars, it’s tempting to purchase new vehicles, but credits can be scarce.

Before buying a new car for an event, check your garage for suitable vehicles. Often, cars won from license tests and café menus can be used across multiple events, saving you credits.

Optimizing Car Performance with Tuning

Understanding Performance Points (PP)

Many races in Gran Turismo 7’s career mode have a Performance Points (PP) requirement. PP, the measure of a car’s performance, can be adjusted through tuning and car setup. 

Optimizing Car Performance with Tuning GT7

For instance, the European Championship might require a car with 600pp or more.

Balancing power and grip during tuning is essential for maximizing your car’s performance across various events.

The Role of Wings and Other Modifications

Car customization in Gran Turismo 7 extends beyond performance tuning.

Adding wings and other modifications like bumpers, available in GT Auto, can significantly enhance your car’s capabilities, especially in challenging conditions like rain races or when handling powerful cars.

Preparing for Dynamic Weather Conditions

Investing in Rain Tires

The game’s dynamic weather system introduces the unpredictability of rain, affecting track conditions. 

To adapt to these changes, investing in intermediate or full-wet tires is essential for maintaining performance during wet conditions.

Experimenting with Driving Aids

Adjusting Traction Control

Traction control (TCS) is a crucial driving aid in Gran Turismo 7, significantly affecting your car’s handling and cornering behaviour. 

Adjusting TCS settings according to the car, track, and conditions can enhance your driving performance and give you an edge in challenging races.

Mastering the Tracks

Engaging in Track Mastery Mode

To familiarize yourself with the game’s 34 tracks and 97 layouts, Track Mastery mode is an invaluable tool. 

This mode allows you to learn individual course sectors, culminating in a timed 1-lap-attack challenge, helping you master each circuit and earn credits.

Essential Tuning Tips for Beginners

Choosing the Right Tuning Parts

Effective tuning in Gran Turismo 7 requires a strategic approach. It’s important to read the descriptions of each part to understand their impact and to balance upgrades between engine performance, handling, and brakes. 

Weight reduction, suspension adjustments, and brake pad upgrades are cost-effective ways to enhance handling.

For tire selection, consider the trade-off between grip and longevity, with medium tires being a versatile option for those on a budget. 

This expanded guide offers a comprehensive overview of starting and progressing in Gran Turismo 7, providing both beginners and experienced players with essential tips and strategies to enhance their gaming experience.

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