WRC 23 Should Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

WRC 23 Should Be Coming Sooner Than Expected
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 20, 2022

Codemasters have had their hands pretty full lately, having acquired the World Rally Championship (WRC) game license from KT racing, succeeding WRC Generations.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the new scheme Codemasters will take with this widely popular series and it appears that our wait could be soon drawing to an end.

It looks like Codemasters’ WRC 23 could be coming sooner than expected!

WRC 23 coming sooner than expected

The possibility of playing the game several months before F1 23 drops next year is enough to excite any sim racing enthusiast.

How awesome would that be?

When is WRC 23 supposed to come out?

Despite still being rumors, it appears that the WRC 23 game may launch in Spring 2023.

Recent games in the series, such as WRC Generations, have launched at the beginning of November traditionally to coincide with the finale of the real world racing season. Other titles from developer KT Racing over the years have been unveiled close to September first, which indicates a feasible timeline for learning more about upcoming game WRC 23.

Geoff Smith, formerly in charge of the Dirt and Grid games at Codemasters, will be managing EA’s WRC game until its launch this coming spring season. This is according to GamesIndustry.bz.

wrc 23 release date

Rumors of a springtime release for the next World Rally Championship (WRC) game are circulating, which would come substantially ahead of previous titles in the series.

With such an early launch window lingering around, it is probable that WRC 23 will be come out between March and June and potentially before its related F1 edition set to launch toward the end of July.

Nothing is yet confirmed, so hold on

Until both Codemasters and Electronic Arts officially announce such a premature arrival, we’ll have to hold judgment on any speculation that this surprisingly speedy turn could be accurate given that WRC Generations barely had time to settle onto shelves far earlier this year. Officials and fans alike are eagerly awaiting confirmation of what has now been whispered into existence and promise an array of renewed excitement or inevitable disappointment.

What interesting features could WRC 2023 bring?

Tom Henderson, a reliable source of information at EA, recently revealed that WRC 23 will give players the unprecedented freedom to build their own rally car, from start to finish!

You’ll pobably be able to choose from various drivetrains, engines, differentials and gearboxes while also browsing through in-game currency options for radiators, suspensions, brakes and exhausts.

How’s that for a realistic rally experience?

It would look like you’re a proper rally team manager, enabling you to decide which parts to use on the car, and how to set up it.


So there you have it, everything we know so far about the WRC 23 game.

It’s still early days and we don’t yet have a release date, but it looks like the game could be coming sooner than expected and that Codemasters have something special in store for us. So let’s stay tune for upcoming news.

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