The Complete WRC 9 Stage List

Are you just getting started with WRC 9 and wanted to know on which stages you could drive in your next race?

Here’s the complete list of all stages in WRC 9.

Did you know that there are

The list includes the name, location, and whether the courses are reversed or not.

How many tracks does WRC 9 have?

Did you know that there are 109 stages from 14 different locations available in the game?

You’ll be driving in snow, gravel, asphalt, dirt, and plenty of mixed material courses. These tracks are challenging, interesting, and super fun.

What rallies are in WRC 9?

It features 14 different locations (reflecting the 2020 season as it was originally intended to be run before the COVID-19 pandemic) including three returning rallies, Safari Rally, Rally New Zealand and Rally Japan.


  • Agnières-en-Dévoluy
  • Agnieres-en-Dévoluy (reverse)
  • Luceram
  • Luceram (reverse)
  • Col de Braus
  • Col de Braus
  • La Bollène-Vésuby
  • La Bollène-Vesuby (reverse)


  • Media Luna
  • Half Moon (reverse)
  • Ibarrilla
  • Ibarrilla (reverse)
  • El chocolate
  • Chocolate (revers)
  • Leon racetrack


  • Torsby
  • Torsby (reverse)
  • Vargasen
  • Vargasen (reverse)
  • Knon
  • Knon (reverse)
  • Karlstad


  • El condor
  • El Condor (reverse)
  • Nevada Blade
  • Cuchilla Nevada (reverse)
  • Quarry
  • Quarry (revers)
  • Parque Thematic


  • Fafe
  • Fafe (reverse)
  • Viana do Castelo
  • Viana do Castelo (reverse)
  • Amarante
  • Amarante (revers)
  • Lousada


  • Read
  • Read (revers)
  • Lerno
  • Lerno (reverse)
  • Monti di Ala
  • Ala di Ala (reverse marks)
  • Ittiri Arena


  • I stopped
  • Ngema (reverse)
  • Seyabei
  • Seyabei (reverse)
  • Ntulele
  • Ntulele (reverse)
  • Kasarani


  • Ouninpohja
  • Ouninpohja (reversing)
  • Malaria
  • Horkka (reverse)
  • Paijala
  • Paijala (reverse)


  • Moselland
  • Moselland (reverse)
  • Freisen
  • Freisen (reverse)
  • Middle Moselle
  • Mittelmosel (reverse)
  • Panzerplatte arena


  • Te Hutewai
  • Te Hutewai (reverse)
  • Batley
  • Batley (reverse)
  • Brooks
  • Brooks (reverse)
  • South Coast
  • Te Akau Sud (reverse)


  • Datca
  • Datca (inverted)
  • Cicekli
  • Cicekli (reverse)
  • Yesilbelde
  • Yesilbelde (reverse)
  • Marmaris


  • Severn
  • Hafren (reverse)
  • Great Elm
  • Great Orme (reverse)
  • Brenig
  • Brenig (reverse)
  • Dyfi
  • Dyfi (inversé)


  • Okazaki
  • Okazaki (reverse)
  • Nagakute
  • Nagakute (reverse)
  • Shinshiro
  • Shinshiro (reverse)
  • Shitara
  • Shitara (reverse)


  • Barcelona Super Special

To wrap up:

So here was the complete list of all stages in WRC 9.

As you can see with more than a hundred stages available there is absolutely no shortage in content.

Sure there are still only about 23 cars available in the game, but that’s something Codemasters promised to extend in the future as the number of WRC cars increases.

And if you’re looking for a preorder bonus, we’ve listed it as well!

Hope the tracks list was useful.

As always, happy racing! 🙂

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