GT7 Menu Book 42: Here’s How To Win It

GT7 Menu Book 42: Here's How To Win It
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
August 17, 2022

Have you been so frustrated lately for not being able to complete the menu book #42 in Suzuka?

Well, you’re not alone and that’s why we’ve taken the time to share some quick tips on how to win it.

GT7 Menu Book 42: Here's How To Win It

We’re going to specifically have a look at which car you should use as well as the overall strategy.

What car should I use for the GT7 menu book 42?

One of the best cars you can use for the menu book #42 is the Mazda 787B.

The goal is tune it up with an high RPM turbocharger while there’s no need to add a power restrictor or ballast.

What car should I use for the GT7 menu book 42?

With this car you should be able to have strong pace both in Daytona as well as Suzuka, though the track conditions will be a bit more challenging in Suzuka.

How can I win the wet race in Suzuka?

To win this 2nd race of the menu book, which by the way is the most challenging, you’ll have to switch to slicks in the middle of the race and take the gamble.

That’s because you won’t have a chance to compete with either wets or inters as the AI opponents on slicks will just have so much more pace than you.

How can I win the wet race in Suzuka?

So in terms of strategy, it’s best to pit for slicks as soon as the track starts to dry up and then watch out for the slippery track by being smooth on the throttle as well as the steering.

This aggressive strategy should normally get you from P3/P4 to P1.


So there you have it, a simple but powerful strategy to claim the victory and the completion of the Menu Book 42 in Suzuka!

We hope this article helped and that you can now go out and complete the challenge with ease.

As always, feel free to experiment with different cars and tuning setups to find what works best for you.

GT7 Menu Book 42 FAQs

What is the Best Car to Use for GT7 Menu Book 42?

For GT7 Menu Book 42, the Mazda 787B is highly recommended. It should be tuned up with a high RPM turbocharger, and there’s no need for a power restrictor or ballast.

How Should I Tune the Mazda 787B for Menu Book 42?

Tune the Mazda 787B with a high RPM turbocharger for Menu Book 42. This setup will provide strong pace in both Daytona and Suzuka, without the need for additional modifications like a power restrictor or ballast.

What Strategy Should I Use to Win the Wet Race in Suzuka?

In the wet race at Suzuka, the key strategy is to switch to slick tires as soon as the track begins to dry. This aggressive approach involves pitting for slicks early and carefully managing the slippery track conditions to gain an advantage over AI opponents.

Why is Switching to Slicks Important in the Suzuka Wet Race?

Switching to slicks in the Suzuka wet race is crucial because AI opponents on slicks will have significantly more pace than those on wet or intermediate tires. This strategy can help you move from P3/P4 to P1 as the track dries.

Can I Use Different Cars and Tuning Setups for Menu Book 42?

Yes, you are encouraged to experiment with different cars and tuning setups for Menu Book 42 in GT7. Finding what works best for you can enhance your overall experience and performance in the game.

What Makes the Mazda 787B a Good Choice for Menu Book 42?

The Mazda 787B is a good choice for Menu Book 42 due to its strong performance capabilities, especially when tuned with a high RPM turbocharger. This setup makes it well-suited for the challenges presented in both Daytona and Suzuka races.

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