Gran Turismo 7: Wet Weather Tracks List

Looking to craft your rain skills in some wet-weather races?

As you may already know, GT7 features an impressive new dynamic weather system, but not every circuit has got rain integrated.

In fact only a very few tracks have this popular option.

What’s the dynamic weather system like in Forza Horizon 5?

Polyphony’s fantastic dynamic weather system is one of the most impressive elements in Gran Turismo 7.

In fact GT7’s rain effects are more than just visual. This implies a race can begin under dry sunny conditions and finish drenched.

gt7 tracks with rain

Moreover, wetweather has an impact on track grip levels, as well as water formations in various sections of the course.

Impressively enough, GT7’s sophisticated weather system includes cloud formations, local temperature, humidity, and air pressures, among other things. The track’s temperature is also influenced by the time of day.

In addition to that, dry lines appear when it stops raining, which is quite amazing and so realistic!

There’s a catch, though: not all circuits have got these integrated rain effects.

What tracks have rain in Gran Turismo 7?

While in GT Sport it was only Red Bull Ring supported with the wet-weather feature, in GT7 it has increased the number of tracks to 11.

As of 2022, rain can be enabled for the following tracks in GT7:

  • Autopolis
  • Circuit de la Sarthe
  • Spa-Francorchamps
  • Dragon Trail Gardens
  • Fuji Speedway
  • High Speed Ring
  • Nurburgring
  • Red Bull Ring – Spielberg
  • Suzuka
  • Tokyo Expressway
  • Tsukuba Circuit

While 11 tracks is a big advancement from the single track in GT Sport, this still means that 23 tracks are left without this wet-weather feature.

How do you make it rain in Gran Turismo 7?

If you wish to change the weather an make it rain, you’ll have to press Cross on the time of day to change the conditions.

This will bring up a long list of options to change the weather situation in Gran Turismo 7, from bright sunny conditions, to overcast skies and heavy rain.


So there you have it, all the wet tracks and everything you need to know about the dynamic weather system in Gran Turismo 7.

As always, don’t forget to tune your car properly according to the conditions for best performance!

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