The Best iRacing Paints Templates in 2024

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 15, 2021

iRacing Paint Templates have gained more and more popularity over the last few years and they’re set to keep on delighting sim racers in 2024 and beyond. has lately been doing such a great job with custom car and helmet liveries that they’re now become the go-to shop for custom iRacing liveries.

Their library of custom paintings is so extensive that it can be hard to pick up the right one for your iRacing car.

They’ve truly done an amazing job here.

And the great thing is that they’ve got hundreds and hundreds of car liveries as well as driver suit/helmet liveries to choose. And they look Awesome!

Take a look at the new livery replica from Hamilton’s new helmet, which by the way I love so much. 🙂

Isn’t it gorgeous!?

Or check out this Nascar Ford Mustang from Max Donnely.

I think it looks so beautiful…

nascar iracing car paints

How do I get paint templates in iRacing?

In order for you to get these stunning paints you have to log into the trading paints platform through your iRacing customer ID number and your email address.

You’ll then have to add your password and voilĂ , you’re good to go.

You can now start downloading your favorite car liveries and drivers’ skins in no time.

iracing car paints
iracing car paints

You can find all the different categories in the “Showroom” section and you can filter the car liveries based on:

  • Oval cars
  • Road cars
  • Driver’s helmet
  • Driver’s suits

Additionally you could even filter them looking at the newest, trending, most favorites and most raced ever.

That’s such a great thing if you’re looking for picking up some already popular car paints.

Is trading paint free for iRacing?

Actually you can get started downloading dozens if not hundreds of skins for free by sign up with your iRacing account though you’ll need to upgrade to access the remaining liveries limited to the Pro version.

How much does trading paint pro cost?

If you’ll upgrade to the Pro version it will cost you $23.99 for a 1-year subscription though you will access tons of extra features from the free version.

I think that the small price you need to pay for the upgrade is totally worth it as you get access to a much greater range of car liveries and drivers’ skins.

Plus, you’re also contributing to help support this amazing site which is home of some of the best iRacing paints templates in 2022.

I highly recommend have a look at their website and start downloading some of the best iRacing car liveries and drivers’ skins around!

What is included in Trading Paints Pro?

  • More templates (200+)
  • Access to the entire library of liveries
  • You can paint directly from you browser thanks to the paint builder
  • Extremely simple and user friendly livery customization
  • Ability to save unlimited projects
  • You can use custom number styles
  • Assign special nighttime paints
  • You can get a special suit & helmet for every car package

How do I download iRacing paints?

It’s quite simple, as already mentioned you need to first need to create an accout with your iRacing user ID and then it’s very simple from there on.

You just have to pick and choose your favorite car liveries and you can dowload them for free, unless they’re exclusively reserved to the Pro members.

Haven’t done so yet?

Sign up with your iRacing account and start downloading!

I promise you I’m not an affiliate nor am I sponsored by them, I just am a big fan of what they do.

How do I see custom paints in iRacing?

Once you’ve got the paints downloaded they’re saved in your browser and thus accessible from your account on any computer.

You can upload them directly to iRacing orthrough whatever content manager you’re using and then it’s ready to be selected from there.

Are there Nascar Tempates for iRacing?

Of course there are and they also look fabulous!OW

The Nascar category couldn’t be left out since most of the US based sim racers are so passionated about Nascars.

They have many different car liveries and drivers’ skins to choose from.

nascar car livery iracing
nascar car livery iracing

Wrap up:

So, if you’re looking for the best in car liveries and drivers’ skins for iRacing then Trading Paints is the website you need to check out.

They’ve got an ever-growing library of templates and the best part is that that most of them are free to download!

You just need to create an account and start downloading.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

As always, happy racing!

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