MOZA R9 Wheel & FFB Settings

Looking for some of the best settings preset to race on your new MOZA R9 wheelbase?

As you may imagine, finding the proper settings is a bit of a personal thing, and what works you may not work for somebody else.

But luckily we’ve compiled a list of some of the best racing wheel settings from around the internet for you to try out and get started.

MOZA R9 settings

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the step by step process for setting up your MOZA wheel properly.

On what racing games can I use these settings?

You’ll be able to apply these settings to all of the most popular racing games including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, ACC, GT7, FH7 and RaceRoom.

Moreover, they will also work with other professional simulators such as Project Cars, rFactor and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

First things first: Check for the firmware updates

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that your MOZA R9 wheelbase and steering is up to date in terms of firmware.

You can check the current firmware version by clicking on “Version Checking” and then proceed to update the firmware by clicking on “Upgrade all in one click“.

MOZA Wheel Firmware update

That should take less than 20 seconds and you’ll be now good to go.

What Moza R9 settings should I use?

The best settings don’t really exist as you’ll have to get a feel of what works best on you, so you’ll have to experiment a little bit.

But as a general rule of thumb, we recommend starting with one of the six preset racing modes provided by the manufacturer, MOZA racing.

MOZA R9 Wheel calibration settings

Here are 2 of the presets available to choose:

GT Wheel & FFB settings Preset

  • Maximum limit/ Steering angle: 540°
  • Road Sensitivity: 9
  • Game Force Feedback Intensity: 80%
  • Maximum Speed of Steering Wheel: 40%
  • Mechanical back-to-center Strength: 0%
  • Mechanical Damping: 55%

Drift Wheel & FFB settings Preset

  • Maximum limit/ Steering angle: 900°
  • Road Sensitivity: 10
  • Game Force Feedback Intensity: 55%
  • Maximum Speed of Steering Wheel: 100%
  • Mechanical back-to-center Strength: 0%
  • Mechanical Damping: 20%

Let’s now quickly analyze what some of these settings do.

Maximum steering angle: This is the maximum angle at which your steering will turn in game.

Road Sensitivity: This setting changes the response from the road to the steering in terms of vibrations, bumps etc…

Game Force Feedback Intensity: Simply put, this is how strong the force feedback will be. We recommend starting somewhere in the middle and then adjust according to your preferences.

Maximum speed of steering wheel: This one is pretty self explanatory, it determines the maximum speed that the steering can turn in the game.

Mechanical back-to-center strength: This setting changes the feel of the steering when you let go of the wheel after a turn. A higher number means a stronger “pull” back to the center.

Mechanical Damping: This one changes the overall feel of the steering, making it heavier or lighter.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when it comes to setting up your MOZA R9 wheelbase.

But don’t worry, once you’ve found the sweet spot it will be well worth the effort!

Best Moza R9 In-Game wheel settings

MOZA R9 Wheel & FFB settings

Now that we’ve looked into the basic calibration settings it’s time to check some of the popular in-game settings from the MOZA R9 wheelbase.

  • Input method: Wheel
  • Gain: 70%
  • Invert FFB: Unchecked
  • Filter: 0%
  • Minimum force: 0.0%


  • Kerb effect: 0%
  • Road effect: 0%
  • Slip effect: 0%
  • ABS effect: 0%

These settings will be good enough to get you started on Assetto Corsa, ACC and other racing games.

Of course each game will have different parameters and for that we reason we’re creating other guides more specifically related to the most popular racing games.

But for now, these should do the trick!


There you have it, an in-depth guide on how to properly set up your Moza R9 Wheelbase.

We hope you found this guide helpful and that you’ll be able to enjoy your MOZA R9 wheelbase to the fullest!

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