The New rFactor 2 Cars & Tracks DLC

The New rFactor 2 Cars & Tracks DLC
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 21, 2021

So you’ve been racing on RF2 for a while now and were wondering if there were any DLC to download to change things a little.

I know how boring it gets when racing with the same cars on the same tracks over and over again.

Don’t worry though, rFactor 2 recently released a DLC guide to show all of the new content that has been released so far.

The guide includes a list of new cars, tracks, and mods that have been released for the game.

Here’s the last 3 DLC that have been added on rFactor 2 to expand the list of cars and tracks available for sale.

They add up to all of the other existing DLC packs including:

  • Formula Pro Pack
  • Endurance Upgrade Pack
  • Formula E Pack
  • KartSim Esports Pack
  • KartSim Upgrade Pack

Here’s where you can get all the DLC packs on the Steam store.

Let’s now have a look at each of the new DLC pack in detail.

Gt3 Pack

This DLC comes at a $37..29 price and includes pretty much all the Gt3 cars available on Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing.

Isn’t that awesome?

You’ll just need to pick and choose your favorite Gt3 car and you’re good to go!

Track Expansion Pack

Fancy adding some extra tracks to yur list? Then this DLC is for you!

With this bundle you’ll get acces to the Nordschleife as well as the Nurburing GP, Le Mans, Sebring and the circuit d’Azure.

It will cost you just $27.79 though it can be quite expensive if you think it’s just for 4 extra tracks.

Endurance Pack

If you’re a big fan of endurance races you can now download this RF2 DLC for about $37.

It includes some of the most well known WEC cars including LMP2, LPM3 and GTE models.

They can be so much fun to race on, but make sure you’re well prepared to handle a 3 hours + endurance race! 😉

Time to wrap up:

So these are the new DLC packs that have been released on rFactor 2.

I hope this guide was of some help to you, and that you’ll enjoy the new packs!

I know that they come at a price and it can be quite expensive for some of us, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to expand your line of cars and tracks on RF2.

If you think I missed anything feel free to let me know 🙂

Also feel free our guide on setting up and playing rFactor 2 in Virtual reality as well as the recommended system requirements for running it on PC.

As always, happy racing!

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