Spa Francorchamps ACC Track Guide To Win Online Races

Spa Francorchamps ACC Track Guide To Win Online Races
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 7, 2023

Welcome to our ultimate Spa ACC track guide! If you’re looking to dominate online races at the iconic Spa Francorchamps circuit, you’re in the right place. Spa is known for its high-speed commitment corners and breathtaking undulations, making it a favorite among racing enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips, tricks, and strategies to master this legendary track and come out on top.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the benchmark lap times for different skill levels: Pro (2:16:00), Pro-Am (2:19:50), and Am (2:22:50).
  • Familiarize yourself with the unique combination of high-speed sections, technical corners, and elevation changes at Spa.
  • Master driving techniques like sim racing lines, late brakingearly throttle, and proper utilization of apex kerbs.
  • Identify the best overtaking spots on the track, including the Kemmel Straight, Les Combes, and the Fagnes chicane.

Spa ACC Track Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive Spa ACC Track Guide! In this section, we will provide you with an overview of the famous Spa Francorchamps circuit. Located in the picturesque Ardennes Forest, this track is renowned for its unique combination of high-speed sections, technical corners, and dramatic elevation changes. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a beginner looking to improve your skills, mastering Spa is a must.

Discovering Spa’s Magic

Spa Francorchamps is a track that captivates the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide. From the iconic corners like Eau Rouge and Radillion to the stunning natural beauty of the surroundings, it offers an unforgettable experience. The challenging nature of the circuit demands precision and skill from drivers, making it a true test of their abilities.

Navigating the High-Speed Sections and Technical Corners

As you make your way around Spa, you will encounter a variety of high-speed sections and technical corners. These include the famous Kemmel Straight, Les Combes complex, and the Fagnes chicane, just to name a few. Each corner presents its own set of challenges, requiring drivers to find the perfect racing line and execute their maneuvers with precision.

So, get ready to explore the twists and turns of Spa Francorchamps in more detail. In the next sections of our guide, we will delve into the best GT3 cars for this track, driving techniques, key corner analysis, the best overtaking spots, car setup tips, and insights from top ACC players. Stay tuned for more valuable information that will help you conquer Spa and achieve racing glory!

Best GT3 Cars for Spa:

  • Ferrari 296 GT3 Evo
  • BMW M4 GT3
  • McLaren 720S GT3 EVO

These GT3 cars have proven themselves on the challenging Spa track, delivering outstanding performance and handling. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newcomer looking to make your mark, choosing one of these cars will give you a competitive edge at Spa Francorchamps.

Mastering Spa: Driving Techniques

When it comes to mastering the legendary Spa Francorchamps circuit, there are a few key driving techniques that can make a real difference in your performance. To start, it is crucial to focus on sim racing lines, especially through iconic corners such as Eau Rouge and Radillion. By hitting these corners just right, you can carry optimal speed and maintain control throughout the demanding track.

Another important technique to remember at Spa is late braking. By braking later into corners, you can carry more speed and gain an advantage over your opponents. This strategy is particularly effective at Spa, where precision and timing are key. Additionally, getting on the throttle early on exit is essential for maximizing acceleration and maintaining momentum.

Understanding the flow of the track

Understanding the flow of the track is also crucial for mastering Spa. By familiarizing yourself with the layout and finding the best overtaking spots, you can strategically plan your moves and gain an edge over your competitors. It’s important to anticipate the challenging sections and be prepared to adapt your driving to the undulating nature of the circuit.

Proper use of apex kerbs is another technique that can greatly improve your lap times at Spa. By utilizing the apex kerbs effectively, you can carry more speed through corners and maintain stability. However, it is important to exercise caution and avoid abusing the kerbs, as this can unsettle the car and lead to a loss of control.

By honing these driving techniques and applying them during your races, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the Spa circuit. Remember to practice regularly, analyze your performance, and adapt your strategy as needed. With dedication and the right approach, you’ll have the confidence to tackle Spa Francorchamps and come out on top.

Turn-by-Turn Guide: Key Corner Analysis

When it comes to mastering the Spa Francorchamps circuit, understanding each corner and finding the best approach is crucial. In this section, we will provide a detailed analysis of every turn, allowing you to navigate the track with confidence and precision.

Turn 1: Tight Hairpin

The first corner at Spa is a tight hairpin that requires sharp braking and precise traction control. It’s important to carry just enough speed into the corner while maintaining control of the car. A clean exit is crucial as it sets you up for a strong run onto the following section of the track.

Turn 2: High-Speed Left-Hander and Eau Rouge

As you exit turn 1, you will face a high-speed left-hander that leads into the iconic Eau Rouge section. Eau Rouge is a challenging series of corners that requires a delicate balance of speed and control. It’s crucial to find the right racing line and maintain stability through the rapid changes in elevation.

Turn 3: Uphill Right-Hander

After navigating Eau Rouge, turn 3 awaits with an uphill right-hander. It’s essential to carry enough speed through this corner to maintain momentum and set yourself up for the next sequence of turns. Pay attention to your exit as it will dictate your speed down the following straight.

Continued analysis of the remaining turns can be found in the complete article.

Best Overtaking Spots at Spa

When it comes to racing at Spa Francorchamps, finding the best overtaking spots can make all the difference between securing a victory and being stuck behind your competition. With its mix of high-speed sections and technical corners, Spa offers several opportunities for strategic overtakes.

Kemmel Straight

One of the most famous overtaking spots at Spa is the Kemmel Straight. As soon as you exit the fast left-hander of Turn 4, you’ll find yourself on a long straight that leads into the braking zone for Les Combes. This is the perfect opportunity to outbrake your opponents and make a clean pass into the chicane.

Les Combes

The Les Combes complex, consisting of two right-hand corners, also provides great overtaking opportunities. As you exit Turn 5, make use of the wide track to position yourself for an inside pass on the entry to Turn 6. This section requires precision and balance, but it can yield rewarding overtakes if executed correctly.

Fagnes Chicane

Another favorable location for overtaking at Spa is the Fagnes chicane. This fast left-right combination comes after the long straight following Turn 10. Timing your braking correctly and getting a good exit out of the chicane can help you successfully overtake your rivals heading into the final hairpin of Turn 11.

Remember, overtaking at Spa requires not only skill but also careful planning and execution. Study the lines of experienced racers, anticipate your competitors’ moves, and seize the opportunities that arise at these key overtaking spots. By employing these strategies, you’ll greatly enhance your chances of gaining positions and achieving success on this legendary track.

Focus on Late Braking and Early Throttle

When it comes to conquering the iconic Spa Francorchamps circuit, mastering the art of late braking and early throttle is essential. This strategic approach can give you a competitive edge and help you maintain speed through the challenging corners. By honing your skills in these areas, you’ll be able to make up positions and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Late braking requires precision and confidence. As you approach a corner, timing is key. Brake later than your opponents without compromising your ability to make the turn. This technique allows you to carry more speed through the corner and potentially overtake your rivals. However, be cautious not to brake too late, as it can lead to loss of control and compromised racing lines.

Equally important is early throttle on exit. Once you’ve successfully navigated a corner, getting on the accelerator quickly is crucial. This propels your car forward, maximizing acceleration and maintaining momentum. By powering out of the corner early, you’ll be able to gain valuable time and leave your competitors in the dust.

Optimizing Late Braking and Early Throttle

Mastering late braking and early throttle requires practice and familiarity with the track. Study the braking points and racing lines of experienced drivers, and use this knowledge to refine your approach. Focus on finding the optimal balance between late braking and early throttle, ensuring you can maintain control while maximizing speed. Through consistent practice, you’ll be able to fine-tune your technique and improve your performance on the Spa circuit.

Remember, late braking and early throttle are just two of the many skills needed to succeed at Spa. Don’t neglect other aspects such as racing lines, overtaking spots, and proper utilization of apex kerbs. By combining all these elements, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable force on the iconic Spa Francorchamps track.

Best GT3 Car Setup for Spa

When it comes to tackling the challenging Spa Francorchamps circuit, having the right GT3 car setup can make all the difference in achieving a competitive edge. To optimize your performance on this iconic track, we recommend focusing on a balanced setup that prioritizes stability, traction, and aerodynamic performance.

Optimizing Suspension and Tire Pressures

One of the key aspects of a successful GT3 car setup for Spa is fine-tuning the suspension and tire pressures. It’s important to find the right balance between stiffness and compliance to ensure optimal handling through the various corners and undulations of the circuit. Experimenting with different settings and making small adjustments can help achieve the desired level of grip and responsiveness.

Finding the Ideal Wing Angles

Another crucial factor to consider is the wing angles of your GT3 car. Adjusting the front and rear wing angles can have a significant impact on the car’s aerodynamic performance, affecting both straight-line speed and cornering stability. Striking the right balance between downforce and top speed is key to maximizing your performance at Spa.

Ultimately, finding the best GT3 car setup for Spa requires a combination of experimentation, practice, and analysis of your performance. Fine-tuning your suspension, tire pressures, and wing angles can help you optimize your car’s handling and give you a competitive advantage on this challenging track. With dedication and attention to detail, you can enhance your chances of success at Spa Francorchamps.

Utilizing Apex Kerbs Properly

When racing at Spa Francorchamps, one of the key techniques to master is the proper utilization of apex kerbs. These raised curbs can be found on the inside of corners and can play a crucial role in improving lap times and overall performance. By understanding how to use apex kerbs effectively, we can carry more speed through corners and maintain stability on this challenging track.

The Benefits of Apex Kerbs

Apex kerbs provide several advantages to racers. Firstly, they act as a guide, indicating the ideal racing line through a corner. By positioning our car close to or even touching the apex kerb, we ensure that we have taken the shortest and most efficient route around the bend. Additionally, apex kerbs can also help stabilize the car by providing an additional point of contact with the road surface. This can be particularly useful in tricky corners where maintaining grip and balance is essential.

Caution and Balance

While apex kerbs can be beneficial, it is important to exercise caution and find the right balance. Hitting the kerbs too aggressively or at the wrong angle can unsettle the car and lead to a loss of control. It is crucial to approach apex kerbs smoothly, maintaining a steady and controlled line through the corner. Gradually increase the pressure on the apex kerb, ensuring that the car remains balanced and responsive.

Practice and Experiment

Utilizing apex kerbs properly is a skill that requires practice and experimentation. Each car and driver combination may have different tolerances and preferences when it comes to apex kerbs. Take the time to experiment with different approaches and find what works best for you. Practice offline to fine-tune your technique and develop a feel for the track. Analyze your data and lap times to identify areas where you can improve your utilization of apex kerbs.

Top ACC Players’ Insights on Spa

When it comes to mastering the Spa Francorchamps circuit in ACC, we can learn a lot from the top players in the game. Their experience and expertise provide valuable insights into how to navigate this challenging track with precision and speed.

Studying Racing Lines

One of the key strategies recommended by top ACC players is to study the racing lines of experienced competitors. By analyzing their approach to each corner and their positioning on the track, you can gain a deeper understanding of the optimal racing lines to take at Spa. This knowledge can significantly improve your lap times and overall performance.

Offline Practice for Car Control

Consistency and adaptability are crucial skills to have when racing at Spa. To hone these skills, top players suggest practicing offline to improve car control. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the circuit and experiment with different driving techniques, you can build the muscle memory and reflexes needed to navigate the track with precision.

Utilizing Data Analysis

Analyzing data is a powerful tool for identifying areas of improvement. Top ACC players often rely on telemetry and data analysis to fine-tune their performance at Spa. By reviewing your lap times, braking points, and corner speeds, you can pinpoint areas where you can push harder or adjust your driving technique for better results.

By incorporating these tips and tricks from the top ACC players, you can elevate your performance at Spa Francorchamps and increase your chances of success on this iconic race circuit. Remember, consistency, precision, and adaptability are key to conquering this challenging track. So, put in the practice, study the pros, and enjoy the thrilling experience of racing at Spa!


In conclusion, Spa Francorchamps is a legendary track that offers an exhilarating and challenging racing experience. Through this comprehensive ACC track guide, we have provided you with valuable tips and techniques to improve your performance at Spa. By practicing and implementing these strategies, you can enhance your chances of winning online races on this iconic circuit.

Remember, consistency, precision, and adaptability are key factors for success at Spa. Study the racing lines of experienced players, practice offline to improve your car control skills, and analyze your performance data to identify areas for improvement. Utilize late braking and early throttle on exit to maintain speed and maximize acceleration. Additionally, make proper use of apex kerbs to carry speed through corners while maintaining stability.

As you navigate the twists and turns of Spa, keep in mind the best overtaking spots, such as the Kemmel Straight, Les Combes, and the Fagnes chicane. These areas provide opportunities for strategic overtaking. Lastly, ensure your GT3 car setup is well-balanced, focusing on stability, traction, and aerodynamic performance to tackle the challenges of the track.

So, put your skills to the test, practice, and have fun on Spa Francorchamps. With dedication and perseverance, you can conquer this remarkable circuit and achieve victory in online races. Now, get behind the wheel, embrace the magic of Spa, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing on one of the world’s best tracks.

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