How to Win the World Touring Car 600 in GT7 [Menu Book 33]

We all know how tricky it can be to win some of the menu book challenges in GT7.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to win the World Touring Car 600 from the Menu Book #33.

What are the requirements for the World Touring Car 600 in GT7?

For this challenge, you’ll only need a car with no more than 600 PP and a National A license.

So, picking the best car among the 420 available is the first real challenge. Then you’ve got to race on three very challenging GT7 circuits including Red Bull Ring, Suzuka and Tragon Trail Seaside.

What are the best cars for the Menu Book 33?

The 2 best cars you can choose to pick that don’t exceed the 600 Performance Points are the BMW M3 ’07 and the Mitsubishi evo.

BMW World Touring Car 600 in GT7

Then your goal would be to tune them up so that it’ll be as easy as possible to win the race.

What’s the best tuning for the World Touring Car 600 in GT7?

The best tuning for this challenge is a mixture of engine power, suspension upgrades and new softer tyres.

These usually tend to produce the best results for this menu book.

Race 1: Red Bull Ring

The 1st race you’ll have to face is at the Red Bull Ring in wet conditions. This is a track that’s all about having a good balance in your car.

You’ll need to be able to brake hard and turn in smoothly, but you also need enough power to exit the corners quickly.

Make sure tht you select the wet weather tyres as they will give you much more grip than the slicks.

Race 2: Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka is definetely the hardest of the three races being a circuit that demands lots of driving skills.

There are lots of high speed corners where you’ll need to be as precise as possible with your steering inputs.

Race 3: Tragon Trail Seaside

The last race on the list is the Tragon Trail Seaside. This is still a demanding circuit but not quite as much as Suzuka.

You’ll want to use all the traction form the car on the exits so that you can win lots of time down the straights.

Only doing so will you give yourself the chance of winning the World Touring Car 600 in GT7.


This is the end of our guide on how to win the World Touring Car 600 in GT7.

We hope you found it helpful and that you’ll be able to take the victory in this tough menu book challenge!

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