4 Steps to Turn You into an Esports Racing Champion [2022]

Do you still think that becoming an F1 Esports Champion is an easy task task?

No, it’s not. But with tons of practice you might also be crowned as the next racing Esports champion!

brendon leigh esports champion
brendon leigh esports champion

In this article, you will have a detailed note on becoming a champion of E1 esports.

  1. Join a racing league
  2. Watch onboards and steal setups
  3. Stay away from assists and get wheels and pedals
  4. Keep on practicing

Join a Racing League:

Joining a racing league is one of the essential points to keep in your mind. The importance of joining the racing leagues has now increased in the present time.

And these leagues are a great way to learn the fundamentals of racing.

When you meet different experts in these leagues, you become able to recognize the best racing elements. You come to know about the best tire choice, ERS usage, and fuel.

Watch Onboards And Steal Set-Ups:

Compare your onboards with the best drivers. In this way, they will come to know about their techniques and tactics.

You can also look for the best onboards from the top F1 Esports drivers using various social media platforms.

Try to work according to the setup of the experts. If you find any secret of thor setup, don’t let it go.

Stay Away From Assists:

Once you start racing without assists, you can become a champion within no time.

Start with turning off traction control and racing line, and indeed these two are the most difficult assists to stop.

But keep in mind that turning off traction control can reduce tire wear to a great level.

If you are a beginner in F1 Esports, first stop to assist the controller.

And if you are a little more than a beginner, use a solid wheel and pedals set.

Keep On Practicing:

Your success depends on your level of practice. If you keep on practicing, you can achieve your goal within no time.

So to become a champion in the F1 Esports series, start comparing your work with an expert and start practicing hard.

But make sure that this practice is without all the assists.

Final Verdict:

To become an F1 Esports champion, you must follow all the tips mentioned above.

Once you start following these points, you will come close to your first Pro victory.

So join racing leagues, watch onboards, stay away from assists, and above all, practice hard.

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